Behind the Bar -- Tales for Mature Patrons
Tavern Tales rated R - NC17
  Uninvited Guests -- Lori Pound 
An unexpected visit reunites Jed and a newly married Kid.  However, when Jed acts upon his less than sisterly feelings towards Lou, conflict divides the household.

Rated:  NC17

Second Dance -- Becca 
A warm night and even warmer memories bring Kid and Lou together for their second "dance."  

Rated:  NC17

Through the Darkness of Night --Starbright
Kid and Lou have a problem with their marriage.  Will they solve it or will the menacing darkness consume and dissolve their union?  

Rated: NC17

Confessions -- Becca
This story, an AYRF award winner for Best Adult Story and Most Endearing Scene, deals with Kid's reaction when Lou confides in him about Wicks' abuse.

     Rated: R

Devil in Disguise -- Lori Pound
A new stationmaster is learning the ropes at the Rock Creek station and charming Rachel forcing Lou and Kid to sneak around in order to be together.  But what else lurks behind his handsome and charming air?

Rated:  NC17   New!