On the Wall
Okay, ladies and gents and all patrons of the Hitching Post....  This is a brand new section I've added for artwork, graphics, and pics of all kinds.  I'm stepping out on a limb and posting some of the graphics I've played around with.  Some I'm really pleased with, some...well, let's just say I'm an English major and not an art major for a very good reason.  :0)  I'd like to invite y'all to send in any pics (personal or TYR oriented), graphics, or artwork you'd like to see on the walls of the Hitching Post.  This is your page and I want you to feel free to decorate the walls of this here saloon any way you wish.  You know the drill.  Send stuff or comments to me, the Barkeep (Becca) care of tyr_becca @hotmail.com and I'll get out my chair (I'm pretty short, hee hee!!), my tacks and my hammer.
I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Melissa, Pandora, and especially Broedy for allowing me to borrow their screen captures for my graphics.  I'm just a poor college student without a snappy so without their help, I'd never be able to do TYR-oriented graphics at all.  Thanks so much ladies.  Love your sites!!  Thanks also go out to Nesciri, who patiently coached me through my first experimental graphics giving pointers and outright fixing things for me.  Also to Starbright, as always my partner in crime and my soundboard, and Dana.  You're my net sisters and without you two I'd probably get a lot more done.  Just kidding!!  Love ya.  :0)
This graphic, for It's Always Been You, was really the first I tried text with.  not a good idea when using Print Shop, as you can see. :0)   Lou and Kid courtesy of Broedy 
This was my first Buck story at the site.  Did this one also with Print Shop.  Buck pic courtesy of Melissa.
This was for the work in progress, I Never Knew His Name.  I promise I'll finish it one of these days!!  Lou courtesy of Broedy.
This graphic I'm pretty proud of if I do say so myself.  This was the first one I did completely with Paint Shop.  I think I borrowed Ike from Melissa's site.  If I'm wrong please correct me.  My screen captures are spread out over about six disks, so I get confused.  :0)
One of several graphics I played with for Sometimes the Past Comes Back...Not to Haunt You, which I'm still formatting.  Lou and Kid courtesy of Broedy.
Another version of Sometimes the Past...  Probably not the last now that I have Paint Shop.  :0)  Lou and Kid courtesy of Broedy.
This one's for Through a Glass Darkly.  Had fun with this one too.  That's Maureen O'Hara as Kid's mom Annie and Vivien Leigh (posing as Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind) as Lou's mama.  Starbright, you'll have to remind me who we picked as a young Jack there on the left above Kid.  :0)
This graphic was intended for Starbright's adult story Through the Darkness of Night.  Not one of my better ones.  Maybe I'll fix it with Paint Shop.  :0)
Another one I'm pretty proud of, my second using Paint Shop and Print Shop.  Print Shop has great clipart and some wonderful backgrounds.  Cody courtesy of Melissa's site.  I think.  The girl was a guest star on my other favorite show, starring TYR's Brett Cullen, Legacy.  Why do they always cancel the good ones?
The absolute first graphic I ever did for one of the first non-Becca stories posted here, Aimee's To Live Without You.  Notice the white edges.  That was before I learned about resizing the canvas.  :0)  Lou and Kid courtesy of Broedy.