The Hitching Post's House Favorites

Okay, I borrowed this pic from someone's site and danged if I can remember whose.  I think it was either Aimee's or Melissa's, so if either of you gals (or anyone else for that matter) recognize this one, please let me know so I can thank you properly.  Got my disks mixed up somehow!  :0)

We all have those lines that just ring true for us within our favorite fanfiction stories.  The design of this section is to highlight those favorite lines of ours.  Whether a line made you sigh with its romanticism, gasp in awe, laugh at its hilarity, or bite your nails in anticipation, I wanna post it here.  So, what you need to do is jot down your favorite lines--they can be one or two lines or a paragraph, but not much longer please--the name of the story they're in, its author, and the story's URL and send it all to me, the one and only Barkeep.  The story can be from any of the TYR pages or from the fanfic lists.  I will then post your entry with your name so we can all see which is who's favorite selection.  It may be that great minds think alike!!

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