Telling a Tale

                Thinking about Sending a Submission?  Great, well here's how to do it!
                                1.)  I'll accept anything -- poetry, short stories, long stories or novellas,
                                    screen plays, individual scenes, or even your thoughts on an episode.
                                   As far as adult stories are concerned, I have no problems posting them
                                   as long as we put up a warning or two first.  I do ask that the adult
                                   content be reasonably essential to the storyline and not just gratuitous
                                   sex or violence.  In my mind, we are dealing with adults in these stories
                                   and they have adult thoughts, feelings, language, and actions.
                                   However, if you just want to write a Penthouse letter (for those of you
                                   who don't know what those are, be glad you've still got your innocence
                                   left), then send it to Penthouse and not here. If you have any questions
                                   regarding this, please feel free to email me and we'll talk.  :0)

                                2.)  Send it to me, Becca (click on my name or on
                                    the link at the end of this page), in part or in whole as an email
                                    attachment (in .txt form or even as a Netscape page) or cut and paste it
                                    into an email.  If you need help on cutting and pasting (some do) it's no
                                    problem.  I'll help if you need it.

                                3.)  Let me know in your email if you have any suggestions as to the
                                    layout (if you have graphics, great.  If not, that's fine too) and/or if you
                                    would like me to edit for grammar mistakes or typos and such.
                                    Include anything else you think I may need to know about your piece.

                                4.) Please include your email address and real first name, even if you are
                                    writing under a pseudonym or pen name.  I like to know who I'm
                                    talking to as we email.  :0)  Also, I'm starting a little section called Buy
                                    a Round in which I will be profiling authors.  So, I need you to jot down
                                    a few things.  Don't worry, you won't feel a thing.  I just need your:

                                            A.) name (or pseudonym if you prefer)
                                            B.) your age, your occupation or what you wish your occupation
                                            C.) what country you're from and the rough area (like western
                                            D.) your favorite TYR character
                                            E.) your favorite fanfic(s)
                                            F.) what you like on your salad when and if you eat them (I've
                                                noticed that no two salads are alike and I figured it's a more
                                                personal tidbit that's not too personal, in case you're wondering
                                                about the salad thing!)

                                4.) Hit the send button and send it on over my way!
                        That's all there is to it y'all

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