Hey Barkeep!

                    Well, now I guess that would be me, huh?  I am the one behind the bar in the apron now ain't I?  What
                    can I tell ya about myself?  Name's Becca Shafer and I just recently took up ownership of this fine
                    establishment called the Hitchin' Post.  I make a fine Irish stew and a mean fuzzy navel that'll just
                    'bout curl yer toes even if it ain't whiskey in it!
                    I been livin' in these parts for about fifteen years now.  Used to live down Albuquerque way when I
                    was a little tyke and the family moved back east here to Pennsylvania when I was 'round 'bout nine or
                    so.  My parents split up about then, but we all survived and moved on and I got more family outta the
                    deal.  Spent the rest of my childhood growin' up in the country about half an hour away from the
                    nearest real town.

                    Both sets of grandparents were close by so my little brother Aaron and I spent lots of time with them.
                    Both grandfathers had gardens and mom's dad used to have a dairy farm, so I got a real taste of the
                    country life.  Mom was and is a hard worker and put herself through school to become a psychologist.
                    She worked with the local aging office for a while before becoming an addictions counselor and
                    therapist at the local hospital.  Dad was in the Air Force before he retired and now works for North
                    American moving company as a dispatcher.  Stepmom Tambra is still in the Air Force training the
                    little darlings.

                    Gets mighty lonely with us all goin' every which way, so I count my pets in like family.  I've got two
                    cats:  Bujeaux, my black Egyptian-like cat (she looks just like the drawings in the pyramids) and
                    Gracie Allen, my gray English tabby (ya'd never believe they were from the same litter).  Then there's
                    the baby of the family:  Annie MacGregor, our yellow lab who has her own place in a corner of the
                    couch.  Woe be to ye who dares move Annie MacGregor from her spot!

                    On to the basics!

                        Name:  Becca
                        Age: 23
                        Occupation: student/ health care aide;  Even though I'd rather get paid for writing fanfic!
                        Favorite TYR character: Kid and Lou;  Ain't it obvious from the fanfic?
                        Favorite fanfics:  A Bond So Strong and Wild Rose by Joanna, Never Ever by Starbright, and To
                            Live Without You by Aimee
                        Salad Ingredients:  lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, cheese, croutons, and either ranch or
                            honey-mustard dressing

                    "Hey, Barkeep!"

                    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ya's.  I'm tryin' to welcome the newbie here, ya mind?  Anyways where was I?
                    Oh, yeah find yourself a table and make yerself to home.  Jake's startin' a new hand o' poker if ya
                    wanna get in on it.  The drinks're cold and the food's hot and if ya listen real hard, ya may hear tales
                    of high adventure and romance as well.  Just be careful ya don't listen too long to Ol' Harry's stories
                    about lost treasure in the mountains.  They're just tall tales.  I gotta get back to runnin' this here place,
                    but you be sure and have a good time and come on back anytime ya want.  I may even buy ya a
                    round myself if I'm feelin' so inclined!  Good day to ya.

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