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Welcome to the hippy site, where the
sky is yellow and the sun is blue.

Whether you're on the road 24/7 or living the dream in your own backyard, this is your link to the world of hippiedom beyond your desktop. Her majesty Princess Maryjane is the site's loving caretaker, personally selecting each link based on strict scientific criteria -- whim and fancy not the least of it.

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It would be nice to publish
alternate universes.
-jerry garcia

Have a nice trip.


Arizona Audit
Bamboozled: Pro-Trump security firm Cyber Ninjas hand Biden second win in Arizona. Christopher Wilson for Yahoo News.

The kids are all right: "Try 'no one wants to be exploited anymore.'" - Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor on worker deficit

Labor Shortage
Unemployment queens: States that have cut the unemployed from federal benefits continue to see labor gap. Dani Romero sorts myth from fact for Yahoo Finance.

Marine Die-off
Ecological holocaust: Record temperatures, drought, turn famously frigid waters of Pacific Northwest into apocalyptic marine biology kill-zone. Catrin Einhorn for The New York Times.

Quantum Computing
Disruptive reality check: Classical and quantum mechanics explained, sort of. Luke Lango for InvestorPlace.

Schumer's Pot Bill
The high life: "What's he been smoking?" - United States Senator John Cornyn of Texas

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