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'Commitment to America'
Buried message: Touting their plan for America, GOP's message gets lost in Russia stock footage. Jennifer Bendery for HuffPost.

Electoral Count Overhaul
Historical re-write: Congress acts on 1887 law in order to prevent future coup attempts. Trish Turner for ABC News.

Executive Rivalry
Stuntmen: In race for limelight, Govs. Ron DeSantis (FL) and Greg Abbott (TX) cultivate immigration issue for gubernatorial one-ups-manship. Michael C. Bender and J. David Goodman for The New York Times.

What's your flavor? Marisa G. Franco taste tests for The Atlantic.

Grams Gourds
Snowbird Joe Wilson turns gourds into art.

J6 Hearings
Can you hear me now? Select Committee essentially gives reality television star trial Senate Repugnicans complained he didn't get with second impeachment. Live stream.

Mar-a-Lago Dreaming
Section 1924: Under 2018 national-security bill signed by reality television star himself, Trump may face felony charges for the possession of classified documents. Or not. Tom Porter for Business Insider.

Aquatastrophe: In early August, Congress took action on climate change with passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. Unfortunately for the Golden State, megafloods are catastrophic recurring events, with or without global warming. Doyle Rice for USA TODAY.

Gitmo mentality: SCOTUS rules violation of miranda rights deserves no recourse by courts. 2UrbanGirls.com.

Nefarious Texting
The disinformation highway: Phone texts are the new preferred means of spreading misinformation in the wake of social media crackdown. David Klepper and Sophia Tulp on the dirty tricksters for AP.

Onward Christian Nationalists
Out of step: Historically, when zealots impose their will as God's on society, destruction's not long to follow. Jon Ward for Yahoo News.

Pet Lover's Summit
24 holistic animal experts on everything from feeding to healing to talking to your pets. Hosted by Iena SpiritWalker.

Poking the Dragon
"Comrade Pelosi": Visit by Speaker of the House to self-ruled Taiwan provokes overweight response by Beijing, military. Yimou Lee and Sarah Wu for Reuters.

Senatorial Immunity
Perfect call: Federal judge rules immunity doesn't apply to legislator's actions that violate law. Kate Brumback and Jill Colvin for AP.

Survival Soup
Bone broth may be the ultimate survival food . . . if you know how to make it. Tim MacWelch with the fat and skinny for Outdoor Life.

Van Gogh Selfie
National Galleries of Scotland uncovers self-portrait hiding behind 1885 Head of a Peasant Woman. Reuters.

Voter 'Anomalies'
Mason County paydirt: Mason County Voter Research Project exemplifies why conspiracy theorists make bad researchers. Chris Ingalls investigates for Seattle's KING 5.

Whistling Dixie
Call to arms: Senator Lindsey Graham interview dog whistle for beleaguered reality television star's supporters. Kelsey Vlamis for Insider.

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