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'Anarchist Jurisdictions'
Divide and conjure: Conjuring images of cities laid waste by protests, DOJ creates hit list of Trump detractors. Allan Smith for NBC News.

Census Fences
Numbers matter: From COVID infections to polling to 2020 census, reality television star clear opponent of access, data. Mike Schneider unpacks SCOTUS ruling that favors politics over accuracy for AP.

Conspiracy Factory
Birth of a notion: Peddled by Fox and handful of social media power brokers, Amy Qin, Vivian Wang and Danny Hakim roadmap how wackadoodle goes mainstream for The New York Times.

COVID-19 Trip Planner
Updated stats and maps from the CDC.

Cuckold In Chief
The $400 million question: Reality television star suggests he's been ham-stringed by lawyers, IRS, evasive on debt. Igor Derysh highlights NBC News town hall for Salon.

Dancing in the Streets
Joe's victory celebrated in pictures from The Guardian.

The Evangelical Vote
Wayward Christian soldiers: A growing number of evangelicals are abandoning Trump camp over faith. John Ward reports from the pews for Yahoo News.

Fungus Among Us
Smarty SpongeBob SquarePants: P. polycephalum, single-celled brainless amoebae commonly known as slime mold, is redefining intelligence. Ferris Jabr for Scientific American.

Heads on Pikes
Schiff-ty vindication: In January, when Adam Schiff said during impeachment trial that senators had been coerced by threats of beheading, GOP heads shook. Look who's talking now. The Independent.

Historic Suppression
Guns, lies and fire escapes: 2020 is shaping up as testing ground for election interference. Nicquel Terry Ellis for USA TODAY.

Lapham's Quarterly
Lapham's Quarterly embodies the belief that history is the root of all education, scientific and literary as well as political and economic. Magazine, podcast.

Mail-in Ballots
Buyer's remorse: Last year mail-in balloting was approved by Pennsylvania's Republican majority. Today, on heels of Trump loss, they seek to have mail-in declared unconstitutional, overturned. Tim O'Donnell for The Week.

Murder Hornets
Killer queen: Scientists race against time to eradicate Pacific Northwest of Asian menace. Christina Morales for The New York Times.

Political Jihad
Dereliction of duty: Republican leadership party's biggest flaw. Andrew Romano and Hunter Walker look beyond rocky transition for Yahoo News.

Russia Expansion
Sea change: Warming climate brings new challenges to sovereignty, commerce. Mike Baker for The New York Times.

Shadow Docket
Rush to judgment: SCOTUS has made an unprecedented number of emergency rulings on elections under Trump without backing them up, giving rise to the appearance of bias. Adam Liptak for The New York Times.

Shadow Plague
Lonesome doves: Returning to ground zero of COVID-19 pandemic, Jack Healy, Danielle Ivory and Serge F. Kovaleski uncover toll of senior isolation for The New York Times.

Tenant Evictions
Slumming it: Eager to get the ball rolling despite pandemic-induced moratoriums, Jared Kushner management company pursues evictions. Mary Papenfuss for HuffPost.

Troop Withdrawal
Parting shot: On his way out the door, reality television star expands sphere of chaos. Sean D. Naylor for Yahoo News.

The Trump Defiance
No concession: Reality television star suing over voters not polling for him. Maggie Haberman and Michael D. Shear with latest diversion from reality for The New York Times.

Undermining Democracy
All eyes on us: Why it's especially bad for the leader of the free world to act like an autocrat in the midst of vote tally. Sean D. Naylor for Yahoo News.

US-Russia Chill
Trump fatigue: While Biden may not be Putin's choice to lead the free world, ultimately it may be win for Russia security. Anton Troianovski and Andrew E. Kramer for The New York Times.

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