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mightier than the


-abbie hoffman

Addiction Redux
Cause and effect: Author Johann Hari shares successes, failures in drug policy with Democracy Now.

Afghan Assets
Robbing Peter: Decision to award 9/11 families half of Afghanistan assets as punishment for harboring Osama bin Laden, met with criticism. Meanwhile, Pakistan skates. Joey Garrison for USA TODAY.

American Intellectualism
Dumbing down: Institutionalized ignorance on rise in US. Patricia Williams for The Guardian.

American Junta
Down the rabbit hole: In wake of offensive tweets, bill proposing commisssion to review reality television star's mental health quietly garners support. Michael Isikoff for Yahoo News.

Evolving positions: Poll reflects changing opinions about marijuana, use. Andrew Romano for Yahoo News..

The Tropester: Reality television star gives antisemitic podcast interview, indicating life of refuge in Mara Lago has only served to keep him dumb. Sara Boboltz for HuffPost.

Arctic Meltdown
Feeling the heat: Absence of sea ice may signal doom for arctic ecosystems, fisheries. Dan Joling for AP.

Arizona Audit
Bamboozled: Pro-Trump security firm Cyber Ninjas hand Biden second win in Arizona. Christopher Wilson for Yahoo News.

Articles of Impeachment
Round one: With acquittal looming, read the full, downloadable articles of impeachment.

Artificial Intelligence
Hollywood was right: AI is not your friend. Michael B. Kelley for Yahoo Finance.

The Ashcroft Cover-up
Deliver us from evil: Former Attorney General John Ashcroft poses before pornographic works of neo-classic art.

Asylum Ban
Like a good neighbor: Court strikes down "third-country asylum rule" requiring seekers first apply for asylum in country close to home. Dennis Romero and Julia Ainsley for NBC News.

Attack of the Machines
Prime directive: Defying Isaac Asimov's first rule governing robots, chess-playing bag of bolts snaps finger of opponent. Steve Dent for Engadget.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Confessions of a mask: Comedian Hannah Gadsby gets serious about her own diagnosis for The Guardian.

AZ Voter Fraud
Don't look up: "If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out." - Oscar Wilde

Backdoor Appointments
Bad actors: Like many Trump appointees, federal court rules DHS secretary appointment undercut process, pauses policy over concerns of legitimacy. Peter Weber for The Week.

Barring Justice
Pocket pals: US Attorney General William Barr seeks reduced sentence for reality television star crony Roger Stone, prosecutors resign in protest. Michael Balsamo and Eric Tucker for AP.

Being Donald Trump
Mental as anything: Trump's tweets and embrace of conspiracy look to be symptoms of psychosis, or are they? Sharon Begley for Stat News.

The Better Budget
Austerity backlash: The Congressional Progressive Caucus has released its version of the Congressional Budget, reminding us fiscal reponsibility isn't about hoarding cash.

Big Vax
Sleight of hand: Secretive contracts between Pfizer and governments around the globe reveal not only is the invisible hand - that mythical philanthropic mechanism of capitalism invented to mitigate its harm - ineffective, it's been turned to maximizing profits. Adam Taylor for The Washington Post.

Bioweapons Campaign
Recipe for conspiracy: One part fact, 99 parts conjecture, QAnon adherents, Fox, rush to support narrative pushed by Russia over Ukraine labs. David Klepper and Angelo Fichera explain for AP.

Birthday Hype
Love and rockets: Putin commemorates birthday with missile test as sunset approaches for key arms treaty. Nataliya Vasilyeva for The Telegraph.

Bishop of Bling
Fired up: Pope removes German bishop after spending 43 million dollars on residence. Reuters.

The Bitter Budget
Skinned alive: Budget proposal resurrects the bones of Reaganism. Rick Newman for Yahoo News.

The Black Sun
Symbolic embrace: Insignia on Ukraine military uniforms troublesome reminder of Nazi collusion. Tom O'Connor for Newsweek.

Blood Sport
Death cab for Gammy: When the gods of commerce require blood sacrifice to protect markets from pandemic fallout, party of Family Values all too eager to offer up grandparents. Christopher Wilson for Yahoo News.

Bluegrass Hemp
Catch-22: Kentucky Senate passes progressive hemp bill, but it requires a lift of the federal ban first. Bruce Schreiner for AP.

Knights in white satin: Homeland Security issues warning over far-right extremists, reality television star points the other way. Natasha Bertrand for Politico.

Boogaloo Extremists
Up with arms: Congressional hearing on domestic terrorism paints boogaloo as disjointed network of right-wing gun enthusiasts in search of a movement. Caitlin Dickson for Yahoo News.

Brain Drain
Fatal attraction: As the global economy grows, qualified workers-to-jobs ratio shrinking in some nations. Amy X. Wang for Quartz.

Brain Hacks
The addiction code: Today, silicon valley programs with one goal in mind. Anderson Cooper for 60 minutes.

Brokering Religion
Carson vs. Makin: Each year towards the end of June, SCOTUS holds version of sweeps week in which it weighs constitutional protections (our right to) against guarantees (our right from). First casualty: separation of church and state. David S. Cohen with predictions for Rolling Stone.

Bubble Culture
Mythbuster: David Brooks, the voice of the GOP for the New York Times, NPR and PBS, gets his clock cleaned by Jim Naureckas for FAIR.

Bullish Science
Food for thought: FDA's approval of cloning has renewed debate over ethics, safety and the very science. William Saletan sides with the cloners for Slate.

Busy Bees
Conflict of interest: GMO giant Monsanto's purchase of Beelogics - the world's leading researcher on the collapse of honey bee colonies, largely thought to be caused by GMOs - is raising some eyebrows.

Candidates On Pot
The high ground: As presidential wannabes scramble for the limelight, Dylan Stableford maps their stands on cannabis for Yahoo.

Cannabis Cruise
Motley fool: There's a lesson to be learned about conservatism in sinking of cannabis themed cruise, organizer's response. Rick Newman for Yahoo Finance.

The Cannabis Equation
Would legalizing marijuana provide the panacea for budget woes? A Wenatchee, Washington lawyer crunches the numbers.

Cannabis Tax
Growing pains: California raises taxes it collects on cannabis products to the dismay of struggling retailers, growers. Michael R. Blood for AP.

Long haulers: Blood pressure spikes, heart malfunctions among lingering effects of COVID. Ariana Eunjung Cha for The Washington Post.

Census Fences
Numbers matter: From COVID infections to polling to 2020 census, reality television star clear opponent of access, data. Mike Schneider unpacks SCOTUS ruling that favors politics over accuracy for AP.

Census Fight
Numbers count: Reversing 250 years of policy, White House moves to strip Congress of census powers, representative governorship. Mike Schneider for AP.

Cheaper in Texas
Bulk discount: Pot bust nets 3.9 tons estimated at $3.4 million. Huh? By our calculations that's less than $30 per ounce.

Child Soldiers
Turning a blind eye: State Department strikes countries from prohibitive list of nations that recruit children for battle in hopes of currying favor. Jason Szep and Matt Spetalnick for Reuters.

Christian Nationalism
Theocratic threat: Although many politicians push back on the label, in words and practice they define it. Peter Smith and Deepa Bharath for AP.

Classified Documents
Executive pasttime: On heels of reality television star's own scandal with sensitive papers, classified documents found at Joe's home. Zeke Miller for AP.

The Classifieds
Latest fad: More classified documents found, this time at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence. ABC News.

Just say "No": In the wake of looser drug laws, Obama considers freeing hundreds of drug offenders. Liz Goodwin for Yahoo News.

Climate Discord
Fake data: White House pulls out of Paris Agreement, citing study own authors dispute. Christopher Wilson for Yahoo News.

Climate Guarantee
Blowing up the popsicle stand: Reality television star on track to cook planet. Seth Borenstein for AP.

Climate March
Send in the clowns: Peddling activism as corporate policy. Arun Gupta for Counterpunch.

Climate Ruling
Science tampering: SCOTUS deals blow to Clean Air Act, curbing executive action on climate, EPA. Marita Vlachou for HuffPost.

Closeting Growers
Turning up the Heat: With the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996, medicinal use of marijuana became legal in California. In turn the Feds stepped up their war on suppliers, driving them further underground. Michael Polson reports for In These Times.

Coloured Deference
Inescapable irony: Minnesota state police
arrest black reporter and crew, clear white reporter in response to racially ignited protest. Jason Hanna with the on-air arrest for CNN.

'Commitment to America'
Buried message: Touting their plan for America, GOP's message gets lost in Russia stock footage. Jennifer Bendery for HuffPost.

Congressional Cannabis
Extreme makeover: Lawmakers ask Obama to re-classify marijuana, and it's got at least one venture all a-twitter.

Conspiracy Platform
Foxy peacock: Megyn Kelly interview with not-so-merry prankster Alex Jones more Fox tabloid than legitimate journalism. Dylan Stableford on disturbing trend at NBC.

Copy Skat
The art of the scam: Why you may want to avoid copying and pasting posts on Facebook. Thanks ThatsNonsense.com.

Corporate Personhood
Timing is everything: In 1868 the US Supreme Court ruled corporations are not people. In 1889, they are. A timeline.

Cosmic Dustbin
We are stardust: An estimated five to 300 tons of cosmic debris falls to earth each day. Nancy Atkinson explains its importance for Universe Today.

The Cost of Warming
Environmental scorecard: Natural disasters trending upward due to climate change, and so are their price tags. Ben Adler for Yahoo News.

No good deed: As much as ten percent of PPP money has gone to bad actors, on top of estimated $400 billion stolen from COVID unemployment relief. Ken Dilanian, Laura Strickler, Kit Ramgopal, Didi Martinez, Lisa Cavazuti and Andrew Blankstein on what went wrong for NBC News.

COVID Milestone
Body count: Officially, global deaths from COVID reach five million; one million of them Americans. Dylan Stableford puts it into perspective for Yahoo News.

COVID Task Force
Lord of the Flies: Whistleblower describes task force more focused on rewarding cronies than protecting public, frontline workers. Sine'ad Baker for Business Insider.

COVID Variants
Greek to me: In effort to destigmatize labeling in COVID variants, WHO enlists the help of the Ancients. Ewan Callaway for Nature.

Crowdfunding Fraud
Honey badger boo boo: Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon arrested in fundraising shell game. Dylan Stableford for Yahoo News.

The Cultural Revolution
Bulldozer state: The War on Terror has revived China's Cultural Revolution, Uighur Muslims its target. Rachel Harris for The Guardian.

Culture Battle
Heavyweight showdown: After several years of "evolving", the White House doesn't so much as weigh in on the side of gay marriage, as it does against the "separate but equal" spin of domestic partnership states. Ryan J. Reilly for HuffPost.

Cyclical Bigotry
Herd mentality: Andrew Romano and Lisa Belkin examine the psychology of haters for Yahoo News.

DACA Decision
So much winning: SCOTUS spares Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program from chopping block, reality television star goes "2nd Amendment" on their asses. Hayley Miller for HuffPost.

DEA Moves Against Hemp
Got hemp? Then you may be a lawbreaker. The DEA report which became law.

Deaf, Dumb and Blind
When a former Supreme Court Justice warns America's on the same slippery slope that's resulted in dictatorship elsewhere in the world, it's news right? Think again. Jack Shafer makes excuses for Slate.

Fossil fuel service: After makeover attempt, USPS faces lawsuits over Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's decision to double-down on gas guzzlers. Byron Hurd for Autoblog.

Derailing the Campaign Train
Game over: Social media delivered for Obama in 2012. That won't happen again if Mark Zuckerburg can help it. Jon Ward for Yahoo News.

Deregulation Order
Lawless math: White House issues executive order requiring omission of two regulations for every new one gained, a formula that defies logic, Congress. Ayesha Rascoe for Reuters.

Dial-up Hell
Slow to connect: AOL posts profit on some 3 million dial-up subscribers. Dan Frommer for SpatF.

Disability Benefits
Archaic by design: $300 million spent, and courts still relying on outdated database to inform decisions. Lisa Rein for The Washington Post.

Diversity Pinch
Eyes wide shut: In effort to stymie racism, reality television star issues executive order to ignore it. Jessica Guynn for USA TODAY.

Compassionate access: As states increasingly embrace medical marijuana, the department of justice is late to the ball. Bill Piper for HuffPost.

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Donald and Me
Crony journalism: The New York Times increasingly at odds with readership when it comes to coverage of 2024 GOP frontrunner. Oliver Darcy for CNN.

Dotcom Con
Piracy tool: A year after his Megaupload site was shuttered by US Prosecutors, Kim Dotcom opens new and improved file exchange.

Drive-by Spying
Data mining the asphalt highway: Sketchy details of DEA's license plate tracking program come to light. Bennett Stein and Jay Stanley for the ACLU.

Driving Dirty
Catch and release: Citing uptick in traffic fatalities, Connecticut lawmakers considering a lower legal alcohol limit the panacea for saving lives, which only makes sense if drivers the cops are pulling over, then letting go, are the cause of the uptick. Christian Oliver for Newsweek.

Dropping the H-bomb
Playing with fire: Pyongyang tests reality television star's resolve with hydrogen bomb claim. Jack Kim and Ju-min Park for Reuters.

Dumb Conservatives
Dumb and dumber: British study finds correlation between conservative prejudices and low IQ.

Dumb on Crime
Private prison boom: US Attorney General and part-time Keebler elf Jeff Sessions restores failed drug war policies, strict enforcement, mandatory sentencing, swollen prison population. Joseph Tanfani and Evan Harper for The Los Angeles Times.

Economic Fallout
Submerging markets: "We cannot stress enough the degree of uncertainty surrounding these projections. These are truly unprecedented events with no adequate historical example with which to precisely anchor our forecast." - Peter Hooper, Economist for Deutsche Bank

The Education Secretary
Bull in a china shop: Trump's billionaire appointee for Secretary of Education has history of derailing public schools. Stephen Henderson for The Detroit Free Press.

Election Irregularities
The real steal: Michigan GOP behind unauthorized confiscation of voting machines, tabulators, in effort to throw election. Nathan Layne and Peter Eisler for Reuters.

Electoral College
Higher education: In win for voters, SCOTUS rules state requirements electors uphold popular vote as constitutional. Pete Williams for NBC News.

The Electoral Count Overhaul
Historical re-write: Congress acts on 1887 law in order to prevent future coup attempts. Trish Turner for ABC News.

'Essential Worker'
What's in a name: Why White House press secretary doesn't get to call herself an essential worker. Kathleen N. Walsh for The Independent.

The Evangelical Vote
Wayward Christian soldiers: A growing number of evangelicals are abandoning Trump camp over faith. John Ward reports from the pews for Yahoo News.

Fair Housing
War on poor: Having never met a rule that hurts America's most vulnerable he didn't like, reality television star goes after public housing, rent control. Kristin Myers for Yahoo Finance.

Farewell to Arms
The plunder years: Iraq war veteran Thomas Young pens his final words to G. Dubya and Dick Cheney, bringing into sharp focus why US presence in Baghdad was criminal.

Federal Occupation
Body snatchers: City of Roses finds itself under siege by unidentified agents, unwarranted arrests, unmarked vehicles. N'dea Yancey-Bragg, Kristine Phillips and Lindsay Schnell for USA TODAY.

The Fee Economy
Going cashless: Remember when paying in cash carried a discount? Not anymore. Oyin Adedoyin on the troubling trend for The Wall Street Journal.

Fired Up
Curb your enthusiasm: In effort to provide an echo chamber experience, media outlets axing hosts who don't toe the line. Vanessa Swales for The Independent.

Food Stamp Stomp
Rose-tinted spread sheets: Citing questionable data (unemployment rate - it drops as benefits run out; new hires - 'tis the season of temporary employment), USDA barreling ahead with rules to trample program for most vulnerable. Krystal Hu for Yahoo Finance.

Third party politics: You lost me at Elon. Dylan Croll for Yahoo Finance.

Free At Last
Late to the ball: Mississippi becomes last state to ratify Thirteenth Amendment.

Frick n' Frack
Frack-tured front: Former Mobile VP at odds with frackers.

Fungus Among Us
Smarty SpongeBob SquarePants: P. polycephalum, single-celled brainless amoebae commonly known as slime mold, is redefining intelligence. Ferris Jabr for Scientific American.

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