"Tune in, turn on,
drop out."

-timothy leary

Arlington Garlic Festival
Remembrance of a festival that was legendary in the Pacific Northwest.

China Bend Winery
This winery on Lake Roosevelt in Washington state features organic wines and bed and breakfast. Brought to you by the communally-minded members of the Israel family.

Fremont Sunday Market
Seattle's European style flea market has been taking euro trash to new heights for over three decades. Poised to do the same for truck farmers are its sister markets in Ballard, Wallingford, Madrona and Georgetown.

One word: Cockydung.

Okanogan Family Faire
Originally begun in 1973 as the Okanogan Barter Faire, today this event is more faire than barter. An E-Ticket ride.

Rubicon Foundation
Society of free-thinkers with 365 acres to do it on.

Saratoga Springs
Nestled in the mountains north of Napa Valley, this resort vibes to the beat of a different drummer.

Till offers a weekend writers residency each summer featuring workshops, guest speakers and communal dinners on Smoke Farm near Oso, Washington. Register by May 1st, or you'll wish you had.

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