"Stay in your own movie."

-ken kesey

Akie Nakata
Akie Nakata, also known as the Stone Artist, creates one-of-a-kind animals that fit in the palm of a hand.

Arlington Arts Council
"An artist is his own fault."
- Anonymous

As If Theatre Company
All the world's a stage, as if. Kenmore, Washington.

Brit artist Banksy takes street art to new heights.

Beach Art
Artist Andre Amador uses sand as his canvas.

Thom Bluemel cartoons in the vein of Gary Larson. Presented by GoComics.

Body Language
Dr. Hugo's net art project of ultra-short films that explore the stories human beings tell with their bodies.

Landscape rendered erotic, or erotica rendered utilitarian?

Australia's Bowerbird is a master of forced perspective. Joseph Castro for Live Science.

Burning Man
Contains everything you'd possibly want to know about the arts festival held each Labor Day weekend on the playa in Nevada.

    In the Fray
    First-timer Hannah Albarazi reflects on the Burning Man phenom.

    Phil Steele
    A decade of Burning Man captured by photographer Phil Steele.

Chuck Pefley Designs
The official site of world renowned photographer-turned-glass maker Chuck Pefley.

Independent entertainment studio.

Cool Art
Photos from the World Ice Art Championships. Cool.

Erin Sullivan
A result of social distancing, Erin's miniature landscapes are made of common household items and shared across the twitterverse.

Film Movement
Movies off the beaten path.

Fremont Arts Council
Meet the folks behind the Summer Solstice Festival in Seattle's funky Fremont district, the Center of the Universe.

Funny Bunch
Animated e-cards.

Kenny Chavez
Official site of Albuquirky-based mixed media folk artist Kenny Chavez.

Lois E. Judd
Lois lives, paints and makes mosaics on Camano Island, Washington.

Meow Wolf
Santa Fe art collective builds dream house filled with portals to other worlds. David Wharton for the Los Angeles Times.

In the fifties everything built on wheels was BIG, right? Think again.

Molecular Expressions
Enter the world of optical microscopy (photographs taken through an optical microscope). A big site of really tiny matter.

NW Driftwood Artists
These artists use the LuRon method. Classes, show schedule.

Of Oz The Wizard
Through painstaking editing, CinemaBlend presents The Wizard of Oz with every word of dialog in alphabetical order. Bucy, hats Matt off to you!

Sergeant Pepper
The history behind the track Being for the Benefit of Mister Kite. Mike Dash for Smithsonian.com.

Think the FAA has taken all the fun out of flying? Eric Pfeiffer for The Sideshow.

Sophie Gamand
Sophie specializes in dog photography with an emphasis on rescues.

Stephen Matera
Outdoor photographer Stephen Matera shares his vision.

Twin Peaks
The best prime-time opening credits ever.

Wilderness Shrines
Sculptor Ra Paulette redefines cave art. Lee Cowan for CBS.

Wm. Arthur Phillips
Artist Wm. Arthur Phillips lived and painted on a mission of peace.

XLI Halftime Show
Princely tool: A guitar is a guitar is a guitar. Or is it?

18th-century Botanicals
Against all odds, Elizabeth Blackwell became the authoritative artist on medicinal plants. Maria Popova with her story for The Marginalian.

2001 Space Oddity
"It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on federally managed public lands, no matter what planet you're from." - Lt. Nick Street, Utah Department of Public Safety

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