"I do not take drugs, I

am drugs."

-salvador dali

The Alzheimers Site
Don't forget to visit daily to aid in the battle against alzheimers.

American Red Cross
Support information and volunteer opportunities with the American Red Cross.

AIDS: One million treated, 40 million to go.

The Animal Rescue Site
Over 10,000,000 animals are abused, neglected and abandoned each year. Visit daily to make a difference in their lives.

Got war? Your source for antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities. A division of the Randolph Bourne Institute.

Austin Pets Alive!
Austin-based no-kill shelter thinks outside the box when it comes to pet adoption.

The Autism Site
Visit daily to fight autism.

Boston Hemp Co-op
Besieged by US drug policy, the Boston Hemp Co-op attempts to educate the public about hemp by revealng its very American history. Extensive articles.

The Breast Cancer Site
43,000 women die of breast cancer per year. Visit daily to fund mammograms for women who would otherwise go without.

The Care 2 Petition Site
Got a cause? Start a petition.

Common Cause
A non-partisan approach to guaranteeing rights of full participation in American democracy.

The Diabetes Site
Visit daily to fight diabetes.

A site that spells out what American drug policy costs in lives disrupted, dollars wasted, and what's to be done about it.

Eloise Rescue
Vicky Wagner rescues dogs in SoCal. Donate, volunteer, adopt.

Farm Aid
Rockin' to the aid of America's farmers since 1985.

Fatal Encounters
In a world where even your toilet paper buying habits are collected, it came as a surprise to Brian Burghart that deaths at the hands of law enforcement aren't. So he's doing something about it and you can help.

The Gentle Barn
Teaching people kindness and compassion to animals, each other and our planet. It's a rescue thang.

Glacier Gardens
Located outside Juneau, Alaska, these gardens offer a scenic respite in an otherwise seemingly inhospitable environment.

Greater Good
Shop to give.

High Times
The grandaddy of cannabis publishing, High Times provides the latest growing techniques and drug-related topics.

The Humane Society
Official website of The Humane Society of the United States. Donations accepted.

The Hunger Site
24,000 people die each day of starvation. Visit daily to help combat hunger.

Institute for Sacred Activism
Author, speaker and spiritual leader Andrew Harvey's brand of activism.

The Literacy Site
Your daily visit provides books to underprivileged children.

Marijuana Moment
Tracks the politics, science and culture of the marijuana debate.

Mercy Corps
These guys offer compassion to lives devoid of it.

Join 2,000,000 online activists in their mission to return Washington's agenda to the People.

The official site of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Reform is their middle name.

Occupy Medical
Born of the Occupy Movement, Occupy Medical provides no-fee health services for the uninsured in and around Eugene, Oregon.

Site of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group of medical professionals who have been promoting preventive medicine since 1985.

The Poison Papers
Intended as an aid for lawsuits against the pseudo-regulated U.S. chemical industry, The Poison Papers documents a history of chemicals and pesticide hazards never meant to see the light of day. A product of The Bioscience Resource Project and The Center for Media and Democracy.

A directory of psychoactive links.

The Rainforest Site
Rainforests are disappearing at a rate of over an acre per second. Your daily visit helps curb the destruction.

Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
Caregiving for native wildlife for over three decades. Volunteer opportunities.

Sea Shepherd
The marine conservancy with the rad logo. Established 1977.

Sky Island Alliance
Protecting the mountain islands and desert seas of the American Southwest.

The official site of the award-winning documentary that exposes the systemic corruption inherent to the modern corporate business model. Activists welcome.

The Vaults of Erowid
This hippy trippy site is dedicated to documenting the complex relationship between humans and their psychotropic toys. Loaded with info.

The Vegetarian Site
Vegetables galore.

The Veterans Site
Your daily visit supports Veterans.

World Central Kitchen
Providing meals in the face of natural and manmade disasters. Donations.

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