"We are the people

our parents warned

us against."

-youth movement slogan, c. 1965

Animal Communication
A space for renowned animal communicator Joan Ranquet and her tribe of folks who talk the talk.

Bored Panda
A potpourri of content, driven by Bored Panda's member users.

Burning Man
Live Burning Man all year long.

The online environmental community providing links to timely ecological issues.

The only place on the web where you can call a total stranger "friend," while keeping a straight face.

the hippy site
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Living Liberally
Home to Drinking Liberally, Laughing Liberally, Eating Liberally and more.

Planet SARK
Home of the Society of SARK, a "loosely formed society of independent, creative, succulent people".

Serious Fun
Actor Paul Newman's network of camps that let kids be kids.

Sorry Everybody
A pictorial community of apologetic patriots, ex-pats and world citizens who'd like to be friends with the US if it weren't for the election of King George and his big guns. Unfortunately, the folks who should be apologizing for him, aren't.

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