The Shirkers were an undisciplined crew of musicians who'd dug up a swinging blues they meant to resurrect.

Rehearsals typically consisted of thirty minute jams at a local open mic; only on very rare occasions did these motley four find themselves all in the same room together.

It was on one such occasion they were caught practicing at an unheard of studio session. Such a gathering only served to fuel the rumor mill: Were The Shirkers sobering up long enough to cut a demo?

Nah. They disbanded in 2005 when one of them moved south, taking with him the name in an act of rock n' roll pettiness that would make even the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, blush. The Shirkers were:
Chuck Hofferbert, guitar/vocals;
Dave Hofferbert, guitar/vocals;
Dan Seese, bass; and Mark Provost, drums.