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Chapter 5: How to find work that lights you up!
OK, so you have, or will have surrendered, owned and embraced your reality at this point� If not, go back to the first part of this eBook. You would have identified any family or tribal belief systems that have kept you in a limited relationship with money. If not, please go back and review that information starting here: Introduction to Abundance, the New Way.

If you have done the exercises in this series, you have created a clarity around what abundance means for you and you have decided to design action around what lights you up, to allow the energy of your passion to go out into the world ahead of your body and guide you into right action. Now, it may be time to find your perfect work in the world� how do you find that daily play/work that you will enjoy? It's out of the joy and passion that the pieces of paper will most easily end up in your bank account. So how do you begin to explore the potentials toward your perfect work?

The most significant advice I can give at this point is to allow that the potential far exceeds anything your mind or past experience can bring you. I�d strongly suggest letting go of memory boards, manifestation boards, lists of goals, bucket lists and anything else that ties you to a construct of yourself that is not now. If you are willing to be in the void of the unknown which may feel vulnerable, uncomfortable and even unsafe, you may enter the space from which you emerge into your world differently. As a result, the world can meet you differently.

Neutral Exploration without grasping:
This may be the most tricky point in the entire process of more strongly embracing your most abundant life. Once you reach a state of true surrender, there is a still point. For me, it typically lasts two to three days. Nothing seems to be changing yet I feel freer in my body, less contracted around circumstances and less focused on financial matters. It's tempting to jump right back out into the world of ego creation at this point. And, if you do, that's cool too because you'll soon feel the grasping, contracting sensation you may have come to recognize by now as the mental struggle to control reality through personal effort. You may also be aware enough to notice that it isn't just your energy you are feeling but a massive collective consciousness gridline around survival that you dip into when you revert to grasping for anything.

Within two or three days of reaching a state of true surrender around whatever current ego struggle is going on, you may notice all those people on the shoreline that I spoke of at the beginning, when comparing the ocean to the calm, clear lake. Again, quite possible to feel you must grab the first offering. If you do, that temporarily makes all the others disappear. Before reaching out to take any of the offered partnerships at this point, Notice where the joy, grace, ease and light is strongest. Keeping a neutral exploration going during this time may be extremely helpful.

If you want to play with going into more traditional employment, working within a structure that is already set, here are some really good tips for playing in your world in the new way:

Think outside the box given you by any company. The online application or hiring form is there for those who are willing to fit themselves and their experience into it. Stop being willing to be homogenized. Fitting yourself into a form is a level of choosing someone else's vision for you and what you bring to an organization. Find a way around forms as much as possible. If there's an email address for the person who makes employment decisions, send a well-written email about your talents. You may still be required to use a form at some point but at least you will have presented yourself in your own best light before that time.

Use your voice.
Find a way to actually speak to a person. It's still possible to get those generic �tell me about yourself� questions but if you'll prepare yourself by meditation and reflection beforehand, you can derail the script that most folks in the hiring business are using to explore what you bring to their table. It's your life too and it's important that you are heard. If the person doing the interview cannot allow unique expression, it's probably not the company for you to align with and offer your gifts to as a partner. What I love about these experiments is that every person who consciously challenges the script has an impact, a reverberating impact on the entire employment structure that is in place. You have no idea the level of your contribution to the new way, just by being willing to challenge the employment script. Understand that some interviews are just for that; they are a way for you to impact the grid, one person at a time.

Go to events sponsored by the company or which company employees are likely to attend. Meeting people outside their work environment is one of the best ways to find out what it's really like to work there and what the company is really about. If there is a coffee shop or restaurant near the office, where office staff often eat, frequent it. Even if you don't talk directly to them, it's a really good way to find out if the current staff is happy or not. I'm not suggesting eavesdropping, by the way. I'm suggesting reading energy. However, in a public place, any conversation loud enough to be heard can be heard.

I know you may be thinking you can't afford to volunteer. After all, it pays nothing and costs you gas to get to and from as well as time. I know. But think about it. Even if you just volunteer for a one or two day event, you can learn so much about your potential employer. Volunteering is a fantastic way to get a feel for a certain company and a certain type of work. Volunteers are appreciated by all kinds of organizations and, as a volunteer, you can get an inside look at how things are done, what rules and structure are in place, and how much heart is in a business. I'll give you a personal example. I used to do metaphysical fairs. After a decade-long hiatus from that kind of work, I wondered whether it might feel different to me now and be a place of right action for abundance to come in the new way. To find out, I volunteered at a local event. In walking around the space, noticing who was there and who came seeking what I might have to offer, I realized the venue did not hold enough energy for me to spin my web of attraction into it. Instead of renting a space and going through an entire weekend of misaligned experience, I was able to discover how it felt in just a couple of hours and without spending money or much effort to do so. Stop thinking about money. I'll end with what may be the hardest tip of all. As long as the goal is to get a certain amount of these pieces of paper, it will be almost impossible to get enough or to feel you can keep enough. Contrast this with a feeling of abundance that stems from within you, like a Spider spinning it's web. Consider the idea that the energetic power of what you most love, what most ignites your passion, springs out in front of you to create your world. If it's truly not about the money, the money comes. It's a by-product of being in your joy.

Blah, blah, blah, you may be thinking. Of course, you've heard this before. You've read that Follow Your Bliss book and tried to do what you love and yet the money didn't come.

The new way to abundance involves engaging with these principles at a quantum physics level that was not possible a decade ago. If you are a Light worker on the path for at least the past 20 years, you know how much effort has gone into the awakening of humanity. It is happening. The new way, the new world, is breathing right alongside the old. As the old collapses, everything feels quite fragile. I encourage you to remember that the instability as things shift is bigger than you. It's a collective mindset shift that is happening and it's quite normal to feel a sense of overwhelm at times. It is easy to go into the vibrational reality of fear and lack, particularly if we focus on what is in our bank account instead of what is in our beingness.

If you believe you have a Higher Self, beyond the fears, doubts and drive of the personality, then trust that doing what you love with strengthen communication with that Higher Self. You may feel as if you are wandering in the wilderness for some time, maybe for quite some time. The alternative is to let the personality run the show and continue to push you toward getting pieces of paper rather than finding out where the unique gift of you may most abundantly be shared with the world.

Frankly, your perfect work may not yet exist. The alchemy of you in any job you enjoy may create it over time. As long as you engage with projects, opportunities and work that has energy for you, you'll be moving along the path to abundance. By practicing the exercises I've shared with you, it's possible to align yourself so strongly with your joy that the money to do all that you truly want to do in the world is effortlessly there for you. If you can shift your idea of what money is, right now, you can shift your world. Money is your energy, being supported in the world. As long as you are in alignment with your soul, you will be supported in whatever form of currency is needed.

Remember, it is what it is, until it�s something else and the journey from here to there may be filled with moments of angst or moments of wonder and awe. I have spent a lot of time in the grip of fear and doubt and it really isn't the most fun choice! Also, I can tell you, it does not work. I hope you choose the latter view of the path that leads to abundance in the new way.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.