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Abundance: The New Way
ebook Introduction

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Introduction to Abundance: the New Way

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I'm in the process of adding a series of chapters from an ebook on abundance that I used to sell online. Since I walked through the writing of this eBook, or rather in the journey of putting these words to paper, I have experienced an internal shift in consciousness. Internal change always precedes any notable external shift. Anything else which produces external shift, in my experience, is likely an ego manipulation. In other words, any change I create through effort in my outside world will not effectively shift my relationship with anything, including money, unless I have first had an internal shift of awareness, direction and positioning in the field of potential.

As long as I'm looking outside myself for the reality I want to create, I am out of alignment with the Laws of the Universe. When I have been able to reach a true state of surrender and acceptance, I come into alignment with that which is bigger than the ego, or personality self. I know when I have reached this state of true surrender because I'm no longer grasping for opportunities. I don't cease to have eyes to notice my world; I cease to need to see something outside myself that will shift my reality and instead begin to offer myself and my gifts as a joyful dance with my reality and notice what happens as I walk through the day from that energetic state of openness.

An analogy might help:
Consider being afloat in an ocean, desperately looking in every direction for a boat, a piece of driftwood or any sign of land. The feeling is one of imminent death; there seems to be no way out, no way to survive, no help available. You are terrified to stop fighting against the waves and looking for sharks because your life seems to depend on keeping the predators at bay and keeping your head above water til you find something, anything (any job) to grasp onto for survival.

Now consider floating leisurely in a calm, beautiful lake. There may be no immediate help to see and yet there is a sense that help is there. Looking around, you suddenly notice several landing spots. A nice raft appears. You do not grasp at the raft because you know it is not the only help there is. You check in to see if getting in the float has grace and ease to it. Does your body want to rest? Then, suddenly, there appears a yacht or maybe a canoe. Which one has more fun for you? Ah, ok, there's land coming up... is it time to settle in somewhere for a bit? On the coastline, you see many people, smiling and extending gifts. Which partnerships of giving and receiving hold the most joy? You are free to explore.

In between these two drastically different visions lies surrender.

Turbulent waters of fear, doubt, shame, resentment and resistance may tempt me into believing I am in that ocean with no possible way of surviving. As soon as I truly surrender, a still point of quiet comes in.

And that's when the potential for a new reality shines for me, when I am remaining as neutral and surrendered in the exploration as possible and committed to taking right action toward that which has the most grace, ease and joy in it. There is a peace that comes, perhaps not unlike that "peace that passeth understanding" spoken of in the scriptures because I know that the direction which holds the most flow, grace, ease and joy is also the direction that gives me the highest degree of opportunity for sharing my God-given Light.

OK, let's get started!
Important Abundance Questions

Chapter 1: Your Money Beliefs

Chapter 2: The Journey

Chapter 3: Surrender and Ownership

Chapter 4: The Path to Surrender

Body Pain around Money Issues

Chapter 5: How to find work that lights you up!

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