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The Marvelous and Amazing Doctor Who!

New to Doctor Who:
As I write this in 2017, I must confess that I had never seen an episode of the original Doctor Who series until 2015. Yes, I'd heard writer and actor friends talking about Doctor Who for years. I think I may be the only person of my age on earth who missed it.

I love the writing and can see why some of my writer friends also talk about this show. It's sharp and clever and fast-witted. There was usually one point in each episode where my hair is hurting from the conversations. I love to have to scramble, mentally, to follow "out there" premises. The special effects are laughable compared to what we have available today but I must say the actors were totally committed to the reality of those funny monsters. I personally enjoy the existential aspects and the metaphysical/spiritual aspects of the show.

If you've been watching any of the newer versions, you might really enjoy exploring the original. If you enjoy audio books, where you can use your imagination on those special effects, there are lots of inexpensive options online for educating yourself to this classic show.

A good place to start: Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years

If looking for video, check out Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase