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Micronized Purple Rice

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Review of Micronized Purple Rice

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(Affiliate link but I am not being otherwise compensated for this review. It is my honest experience with the product.)

2018 update on purple rice:
Like so many products I've used in my life and found beneficial for a time, purple rice is no longer something I use. I didn't stop because of any negative results but just because my body moved on to other things that were needed. Also, it began to feel like a hassle to have to mix it to take it and I didn't seem to get the same results with the capsules as I did with the powder. I still consider this a very beneficial product (overpriced, as are most MLM products, but a good product) and I do intend to reorder another product I tried from Enzacta. It's the alfa HFI. Love that product!

I first heard of Enzacta alfa PXP through a posting on facebook. I only click over on products that are mentioned by people I trust implicitly and clicked on this one because a good friend had felt it important enough to mention. I clicked the link my friend had posted and, after reading about the results Kare Possick had seen within just a month of taking this micronized purple rice product for just one month, I was intriqued. Benefits she and others experienced, quite rapidly, included dramatic cholesterol lowering and and dramatic lowering of high blood sugar. After reading that Kare had also been deeply involved in spiritual and physical wellness for decades (as have I) I decided to message her and ask if she would like the product reviewed (ps I do not charge for reviews but usually the product is provided to me). She graciously agreed and a few days later, I got a bottle of the alpha pxp product. If you want to speak to Kare, her number is 727 - 798 - 8764

I took a little dab behind my tongue to begin with, just to sense how bioavailable the nutritional powder might really be. Some of what I read suggested the purple rice powder didn't even really need to be digested, in micronized state, and could provide almost instant nutrition that would go to a cellular level. I'm very energetically attuned to my body and could tell, as soon as the rice started to dissolve against my teeth, that this was an energetically strong product. I took another dose on an empty stomach before bed. This time, I just put a small dab of it under my tongue and sort of let that soak in as I mixed the rest in warm water. After that, I just mixed a teaspoon in warm water and drank it down.

What's so special about purple rice?
The history of this heirloom purple rice includes a period of time where it was forbidden to all but royalty, hence the name "royalty rice" is used to describe it. It is grown in Thailand and what makes it different, aside from being grown in a place where even car fumes don't enter (the rice is hand-carried out of the fields) is the antioxidant value. This particular strain of rice has much more anthocyanins, amino acids and nutrition than any other type of rice.

My Review of alfa PXP Royal Micronized Rice Powder:

I can honestly say I love this product. After 4 or 5 days, I noticed just the stabilizing of a nice, peaceful state of being. I associate the feeling I had with spiritual connection so I understand what Kare says about this being an "enlightenment" product.

What I Noticed Fast:
That first night, I had two subtle indications that this was a product that would work on etheric levels and not just at a physical level. The first was experiencing a sensation I've had before, sort of an energetic warmth that seemed to come from within and radiate outward to the extremities. The other sign was that I noticed myself taking rather deep, relaxing breaths. These are both ways that my body responds to energy.

Phenomenal change in skin on face:
Within a week, I could see a luminosity to my skin. Within the 2 1/2 weeks it took me to finish the bottle (I took 2 to 3 doses per day - bottle contains a month's supply at one dose per day), I could see a reduction in the crease lines on my forehead and my skin looked "dewy" and more youthful. This was significant because one of the common issues with menopause is that a woman's skin loses the ability to exfoliate dead cells as quickly as before and so skin looks dull.

My skin definitely was looking that way, even after completing a month of using Dragon's Blood cleanser and non-chemical face peel, easily the best non-organic mainstream skin care I've ever used. Though my face looked tighter and smoother each time I used this product, the results were temporary. The flaking and build of of dead skin seemed to come back overnight.

When I started taking the alfa pxp, I stopped using Dragon's Blood for a few days, so I could measure the results. To my surprise, the flakiness did not come back the next day, or the next. My skin kept looking smoother and younger although I also went through a slight skin detox around the 2 week mark. This purple rice food made a noticable difference. I also saw a reduction to my neck wattle.

Joint Pain Gone!
The most significant improvement I saw with micronized purple rice was a marked reduction in joint pain. I mean it was noticable from the first week and continued through to the end of the bottle. This was a big enough change that I want to keep taking the product. I went from having my knees hurt every time I went up and down stairs to being able to go up and down without even thinking about it. Truly, noticable and pleasant difference. I read that one of the properties of this heirloom purple rice is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. I can vouch for that now, at least in my case. No two people react to the same supplement in the same way but if you have internal inflammation, it may be that this rice powder could help.

Does alfa pxp Royale contain MSG?
Backtracking just a bit, to the day I got the powder... As soon as I got it, I immediately checked the ingredients. Uh oh. There were only three but all three were hydrolyzed. As someone extremely sensitive to MSG in foods, I immediately wrote to Kare with my concern. She replied back that there was "absolutely no MSG" in the micronized purple rice she had sent to me. I admit I was still leary because whenever I see the word "hydrolyzed" on anything, it usually means some degree of MSG.

However, on Kare's adamant statement that there was no MSG in it, I took the first full dose. After 45 minutes and no MSG-related symptoms, I decided that it was safe for me to take. I have had no msg-related symptoms although I did have slight intestinal discomfort for the first few days. This passed and was never anywhere near as acutely uncomfortable as I always get with a product containing very much monosodium glutamate at all.

How Does Micronized Purple Rice Powder Taste? First, let me say that they do offer the powder in capsule form, for those who may not like the taste. I wanted to take it the most powerful way and I felt like dissolving it in water was the quickest way to get it into my system. So, how did it taste? It was not a "bad" taste... and it wasn't great. I figured, if it worked as well as it is reported to work, I wouldn't care that it didn't taste like champagne.

Where to find Micronized Purple Rice
Although you can find alfa pxp on amazon or on ebay, you may also contact individual distributors like Kare. If you speak with Kare (phone: 727 - 798 - 8764), I would appreciate you telling her you read about this on Neva Howell's website. I do not get paid for this review but occasionally, Kare is kind enough to send a free product sample my way, as a surprise now and then.

If you enjoyed this product review, you may also want to read my review on alfa HFI also from Enzacta. I am using the HFI as part of my mercury detox program

Disclaimer The purple rice powder is sold through a multi-level marketing structure. Please note that I know nothing about this structure and am not reviewing any other product made by this company besides the HFI mentioned above and the alfa HFI, which I have also tried. I certainly am not endorsing the MLM business. I've tried MLM structures more than once and the experience was never a good one for me.

Purple Rice Review Reviewed by Neva Howell. Kare's Purple Rice Products My review of purple rice heart formula from Enzacta.