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Review of HFI Fumic Acid

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I was about two weeks into an intense mercury detox when I first rad about humates and their role in detoxing heavy metals. About that same time, quite sychronistically for me, I received a bottle of Enzacta's HFI humates formulation from Kare Possick, as a thank you for referring folks who ordered her purple rice.

Kare did not ask me to write this review. I decided to do it because I am writing about all the mercury detox supplements I'm using and because I noticed some results right away with HFI.

In what feels like more great timing, I had decided to go off everything after having some healing crisis symptoms so it was a good time to try something new. I took one capsule of HFI just after receiving it in the mail. I can't say I noticed anything right away but I definitely noticed, when I went to bed that night, that I did not have cold feet. It's an issue I've dealt with most of my life and lately it had been really bothersome. That night, approximately 8 hours after taking HFI, I noticed my feet felt warm. I reached down to feel them because usually they are cold to the touch, and they were warm. That "warm feet" effect has continued. I have read that humates give an oxygen boost to the system so I'm assuming I have been experiencing better circulation.

Itchy, itchy, itchy feet!
Did I say itchy feet? By the second night, I noticed my feet had areas of intense, deep itching. It was the same kind of itching one feels when a wound is beginning to heal. What was most fascinating is that I realized the itching wasn't general. I'm a foot reflexologist and noticed that the areas with intense itching were specific foot reflexes. This afforded me a unique opportunity to actually understand which areas of the body the humates were affecting.

For example, the first night the specific reflex areas included trapezius (I have a lot of tension in that area due to typing so much for my online work), transverse colon (I was just getting over severe constipation which is why I had temporarily stopped my mercury detox), knee reflexes on both feet (also my actual kneecaps itched), heart and urinary tractk reflexes.

The second night, I noticed that most the reflexes had settled down but I still had intense itching in reflexes for my knees and trapezius. By the third night, these were still the two areas that were itching. I'd point out that these were also the two areas with the most chronic, long term issues.

After a week on the HFI, I'm sold. My feet continue to be warm, I feel good, and I'm slowing getting back on my mercury detox regimen. I recommend this product.

Where to find HFI
You may order alfa HFI online. Here's a link to alfa HFI on amazon. I've also seen it on ebay before. If you want to talk with a person, you can search for an online distributor or cal Kare Possick at 727 - 798 - 8764 and tell her Neva said hi.

Disclaimer This product is sold through a multi-level marketing structure. Please note that I know nothing about this structure and am not reviewing any other product made by this company, nor am I endorsing the MLM business. None of the information on this page is intended to replace any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment.

alfa HFI review Reviewed by Neva Howell. Enzacta HFI My review of the fumic acid and fulvic acid formula, HFI, from Enzacta.