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Review of Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanse and Beauty Elixer

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Update: Since I wrote this review, Dragon's Blood has apparently been discontinued. I can't find this particular alixer online. If it again becomes available, I'll update the page.

Let's be up front from the get go. Dragon's Blood is expensive. I probably would never have done this particular review unless I had the product donated to me free, or was gifted the product. The latter is what happened. A friend of mine was cleaning out her skin care product accumulation and she gifted me an unopened bottle of Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanser and Dragon's Blood Beauty Elixer. The bottles were small. I assumed they'd last maybe a month. When I looked the products up on amazon, I got a shock. About the cheapest I could find those two items together was about $125 and there was only one set available, on amazon. OK, I thought, this stuff had BETTER be good.

Let me preface this review by saying I had oily skin in high school but after that, my skin has always been good. Until I went into menopause, that is... oh, lord. I've read that part of that process tends to cause a woman's skin not to be able to exfoliate and renew like in youth. That's an understatement. I went from having dewy soft skin to this constantly flaky dry skin that always felt like I was wearing heavy make up (I rarely wear make up at all). I had big requirements for any beauty product that claimed to help.

I can honestly say I saw a difference, even with the very first cleanse and elixer application. My skin felt softer and more supple. I also noticed that my neck wattle, one of the other gifts of my menopausal experience, looked smaller. Awesome! Now, having said that, I will also say that the effect was dependent on continued use. If I skipped the skin treatments, even for one day, the build-up of dead skins began again. So, I don't see it as a cure for menopausal skin but a maintenance solution. The cure may well be a product I ended up reviewing a month later. It's a purple rice heart micronized formula and I have to say that it produced results in two and a half weeks, results that seem to be more organic than anything a topical skin care formula could produce.

Results after a month using Dragon's Blood I will say this is one of the few beauty products that I actually believe can demand a higher price. It's that good. After a month, I noticed reduction in the frown lines on my forehead as well as the wrinkles around my eyes and that menopausal wattle was about half what it was before I started using Dragon's Blood. Also, two milia bumps disappeared about three weeks into using the product. Organic sulfur flakes helped reduce milia but it was the only thing I had found that did until this. By the way, I did not take the sulfur during the Dragon's Blood Review, nor did I use other cleansing products during that month.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that, after using the products 1 to 2 times a day for a month, I still had over half the product left! I recommend Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanse and Beauty Elixer, in particular for menopausal skin. Well, I would recommend it if it were still available. I just contacted City Cosmetics and they tell me it's been discontinued. I'll leave this review up in case folks find the odd set on amazon or ebay. If you do find them, grab em cause when they are gone, they are gone, unless City Cosmetics brings them back.

What's in Dragon's Blood? Please note, this is not the product put out by Rodial or Ann Riva by the same name. This brand is from City Cosmetics, well, it was from that company. Now,I know why I could only find one set for sale on amazon that day... Dragon's Blood been discontinued. So what was in this magic stuff? Alas, I may never be able to share the ingredients now. I threw away the boxes because, at the time I was given the cleanser and elixer, I had not decided to review it. I was just going to use personally but after seeing the results, decided to do the review. When I emailed City Cosmetics after being unable to find the products on their website, they referred me to another product. Please note: I have NOT tried this one. The product they suggest is called YOUTH REGENERATING CLEANSER and it contains Bromelain, Caffeine Cosmospheres, Hyaluronic Acid and Dragon's Blood.

Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanser and Beauty Elixer Reviewed by Neva Howell. City Cosmetics Dragon's Blood My review of Dragon's Blood beauty products.