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Prescription Drug Interactions
with Naturally Healthy Juices

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Ask A Healer Prescription Drugs Series

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Healthy Juices and Prescription Drug Interactions


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Fruit juices that are high in antioxidants and nutrition are called liquid nutritionals. They are very popular today and most every store has drinks containing at least one of them. The most popular liquid nutritionals are Mangosteen Juice, Himilayan Goji, Polynesian Noni, Acai Berry and Pomegranate Juice. Being so readily available, and promoted as healthy alternatives to carbonated diet drinks, these juices do provide a better choice for many. However, there are certain considerations if you are on prescription drugs.

Antioxidant Juices and Drug Interactions Back in the early 90's, when I started as a wellness coach and spiritual healing facilitator, things were simpler. I didn't really concern myself too much with drug interactions when taking natural remedies because people did not seem to be on as many different prescription drugs as they are now and because you just didn't hear about drug interactions like you do now.

Now, and especially with all the new drugs that are coming out and that have their own unresearched problems that so often result in them being pulled back off the market due to deaths or unexpected results, it has become virtually impossible for me to ever say that a natural supplement, or even a food, is safe for everyone. In fact, I say the opposite. In this day and time, when most the people I know who have heart disease are on about a dozen different medications, and a lot of those medications are the "new kid on the block" for that application, I just simply won't suggest anything natural any more.

I can provide educational information but if you have decided that the prescription drug route is the best option for your healing, then I'd advise just sticking to that. If you choose to add natural remedies, be sure to discuss with both your pharmacist and your doctor to rule out drug interactions before starting.

Getting Juiced: The big nutritional thing today is antioxidant-rich juices including Goji, Mangosteen, Acai, Pomegrante and Noni.

On the surface, what is not to like? They are all rich in nutrition, most containing fiber, vitamins, and high antioxidant values. For many, they provide helpful benefits including more energy and less pain. Some acai juices like MonaVie come not only quality-assured but in attractive wine-bottle style glass bottles.

Yet, even these health-promoting juices are not absolutely healthy for absolutely everyone. It's important to know the nutritional properties of each and to also understand how any prescription drugs you are taking may react to or interact with each juice. It can be challenging to rule out drug interactions from antioxidant juices and what makes it harder still is that almost all the juices being sold and promoted also contained other juices, vitamins, minerals or herbs. The added ingredients complicates things when you are trying to determine potential drug interactions or side effects because you must then look at each added ingredient separately.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Pregnant women and nursing mothers are always advised to consult with their doctors on any nutritional changes they want to make and before taking anything, whether natural or prescription.....I mean, ALWAYS. Regardless of how safe a product is, there is just almost no one who will say it's safe for a pregnant or nursing woman so check with your doctor, period. Those with diabetes should always consider sugar content in any juice, whether these I've researched or other.