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Ask A Healer Prescription Drugs Series

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Taking Prescription Meds to Control Symptoms


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This is part of a series on prescription drug interactions and drug safety. For better understanding of the information, please read prescription drug interactions, part one.

Health care is a very personal choice. If you are currently on prescription drugs for any condition, take the time to discuss the longterm results with your pharmacist. Ask about specific drug actions, and find out if they will result in true healing or if they are just for symptom control. You may still choose to take them, for symptom control and relief, but at least you will know that you need to keep looking for something that will provide true healing.

Controlling Symptoms vs Healing - Do Drugs Heal?
In my view, the vast majority of prescription drugs are aimed at controlling symptoms or helping the body maintain a artificially created balance. For example, blood pressure medications control blood pressure levels but they don't heal the imbalance which is causing the body to develop high blood pressure. This is evident because of how quickly the blood pressure rises again if a person on high blood pressure medication goes off their medication.

Even with the purple pill with commercials that declare that you won't just feel better, you will be better, ask your doctor if you can stop taking it when the symptoms go away ... chance are, your doctor will keep you on it for a good long while after symptoms have abated.

The body is designed to naturally strive toward normal function and balance when illness presents. Prescription drugs aimed at controlling symptoms conflict with the natural tendency of the body to balance itself and a false balance is created that eventually effects other systems.

Longterm use of most prescription medications contains the real potential of creating or contributing to other health conditions. Using blood pressure meds as an example again, the longterm effect can be respiratory failure. With statin drugs, the false control of cholesterol levels can end up with the longterm effect of liver damage.

Other prescription drugs affect the kidneys, stomach, adrenals, or lower the body's natural ability to fight infection. This is why you hear all those warnings on prescription drug commercials saying that you need to tell your doctor if you have ever had liver or kidney problems or if you are prone to infection.

In addition to the concerns inherent in mixing natural remedies and prescription drugs that are aimed toward similar goals, the one to control a condition and the other to help the body naturally reverse it and restore balance, we also have to consider a common practice among doctors called off-label prescribing.

Off-label means that either your doctor is prescribing a medication that has not been approved to treat the condition you have and, as such, may interact with natural supplements in ways that would differ even from the standard drug used to treat your condition, or that your doctor is prescribing a dosage higher than what has been recommended. It is estimated that as high as 60 percent of doctors may be prescribing off-label.

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Health Care Disclaimer: If your doctor has prescribed a prescription drug, it is never wise to come off that drug without your doctor's approval or participation. I suggest scheduling time with your doctor or your pharmacist, aside from other visits, strictly to go over potential drug interactions and risks. This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical attention you may need.