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Statin Drug Alternatives
May Lower Cholesterol Levels

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Natural Statin Drugs Alternative - Have you been looking for a natural options for lowering cholesterol?


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This is in answer to a question I received on natural statin drug alternatives. The reader asked if there were natural alternatives for lowering cholesterol and cleaning out clogged arteries. I am providing information on two natural formulations: GHS-Plus and Cholesto-rite.

GHS Ultra Heart Supplement - This one has proven results made available thru an interesting and scientifically exciting process called infrared thermal imaging. This process is digital and very high-tech. The results of the thermal imaging testing done on this particular product is very exciting indeed for those folks facing the prospect of surgery to clear clogged arteries. The images showed arterial plaque deposits in a participant, before and after taking the product and those after images show about a 50% reduction! That means about half the arterial plaque was gone after 6 months on this natural health product. askahealer-recommended

Cholesto-rite - Use Cholesto-Rite to lower LDL levels. LDL is the unhealthy form that causes concern with your doctor. In addition to helping you reduce unhealthy cholesterol, Cholestrorite also assists your body in sustaining HDL at healthy levels in the body. You may recognize HDL as the good type of cholesterol your doctor has mentioned when discussing cholesterol tests and what they mean to your heart health. Askahealer-recommended.

Another great function of this natural health product is that it helps your body fight the effects of free radicals, which are so harmful and helps reduce your risk of heart attacks or stroke, along with other forms of coronary heart disease. Plaque build up in your arteries (arterial plaque) is another signficant factor in heart disease, as is the hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. Cholestorite helps with both these health factors for a heart-healthy result.

Heart-Healthy Tonic - Can be easily made from common kitchen ingredients.

Health Care Disclaimer: It can be dangerous to come off a statin drug abruptly without your doctor's participation and approval. Consult with your doctor immediately if experiencing any type of side effects or unusual symptoms while taking lipitor. While positive nutritional changes in your diet can definitely assist the body in restoring and maintaining health cholesterol levels, sometimes nutrition is not enough. Speak frankly with your doctor about your desire to incorporate nutrition as a vital part of your recovery regimen and ask that a qualified dietary specialist or nutritionist be involved. If you express your desire to depend on nutrition as much as possible, your doctor should be willing to adjust drug dosage downward as conditions improve and to closely monitor the effects of dietary changes on your cholesterol levels over time.