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Mangosteen Juice Information
Prescription Drug Interactions?

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Will Mangosteen Juice interact with your meds? Mangosteen Juice Properties and Known Drug Interactions.


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This is part of a series on popular antioxidant juices and potential drug interactions. Here, you will find information on Mangosteen Juice benefits, safety and possible drug interactions.

What is a Mangosteen Juice? This antioxidant juice is made from a tropical fruit, botanical name Garcinia mangostana. It is particularly high in antioxidants called xanthones which are potent free radical scavengers.

Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are part of the appeal of Mangosteen Juice. I can personally testify to the effectiveness of mangosteen juice for internal inflammation and reducing joint pain. Two of the more popular brands of Mangosteen Juice are Thai-go and Xango. I have not used Xango so can't comment on it specifically. I tried and liked Thai-go. I believe it's made by Nature's Sunshine and is a blend of juices, not just Mangosteen. Also, I've used a product called Red Lightning from Nature's Plus that is a blend which contains Mangosteen. I liked it too. However, most recently, I found a brand that is 100 percent pure mangosteen and includes all parts of the fruit. I can't say I like the taste as well as the blends but I can testify to the anti-inflammatory results. That brand is Genesis Today Organic Mangosteen 100. I recommend it.

We love a bargain don't we? It is always tempting to get more for your money.....more vitamins, more minerals, more antioxidants.

Nothing wrong with that unless you are on prescription drugs. Then, it's best to stick with single juices so that, if a reaction occurs, there will be no question as to what caused it. This is also good advice if you are prone to allergies or have several conditions you choose to self-treat.

Again, I strongly caution against antioxidant juices that are blends if you are on any prescription drugs, unless you clear it with your doctor before you start taking them. In particular, if you are on blood pressure medicines, you are better off taking a single juice to your doctor to ask about taking it than to take a bottle that has 10 different substances, with 10 different properties. Blends are a challenge for those investigating prescription drug interactions because you must investigate each juice separately.

Possible caution for cancer patients: Although I could find no known drug interactions with mangosteen juice (and I researched dozens of sites), I found one reference to the potential of mangosteen juice (and I would assume any product very high in antioxidants) possibly lessening the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation.

If you are receiving radiation or chemo, your doctor may elect to forgo any type of antioxidant supplement until the cancer drugs have done their job.

Also, as is the case with any high-sugar fruit juice, diabetics will need to be especially careful if considering mangosteen juice as a nutritional supplement and would, more than non-diabetics, need to fully discuss the addition of mangosteen juice to their diet before doing so.

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Mangosteen Juice / Garcinia Mangostana Disclaimer: Mangosteen is a juice I have used and like and it is considered to be safe for otherwise healthy people not on prescription drugs or under treatment for any known medical condition. Cancer patients should always check with their oncologist before adding anything that might boost immune function during chemo or radiation. Diabetics and pre-diabetics should always consider sugar content in any juice, whether Mangosteen Juice or other fruit juice. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are always advised to consult with their doctors on any nutritional changes they want to make.