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Mixing Drugs with Supplements
Some Potential Risks to Consider

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Can You Get Too Much of a Good Thing?


This is part of a series on drug safety and reactions / interactions from prescription drugs. To get all the info please start with prescription drug interactions, part one and also read controlling symptoms vs true healing, part two.

Natural Remedies / Prescription Drug Conflict

Since natural health remedies are aimed at helping the body heal so that it can maintain it's own true levels of healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc., they will work in that way regardless of the false levels set and maintained by prescription drugs. As these natural substances attempt to work with your body to restore normal function that is not dependant on the regulating presence of drugs, problems very often can result.

The way these two approaches work with the body, one to control symptoms and the other to provide nutritional support so the body can correct itself naturally, is so different as to be very often conflicting.

For example, let's say your doctor has you on medication to control blood pressure and you decide to take a natural supplement for the same purpose. The result, over time, could be an abnormally low blood pressure. Another example would be if you were on prescription blood thinners. If you then add a natural blood thinner like Vitamin E, the result may be blood that is too thin.

There can be similar complications if you are on a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor to control cholesterol and you decide to also take natural cholesterol-lowering supplements, or you are on meds that affect blood sugar levels and also taking supplements for that same purpose. Really, the only way to safely integrate natural supplements that are similar in action to prescription drugs is if you have a doctor willing to monitor you and reduce the drugs as the natural supplements begin to work.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Due to possible dangerous reactions, it is not wise to change your prescription medication dosage or stop taking prescription drugs without consulting your doctor. Consult with your doctor about their willingness to work with you, in integrating natural health supplements as part of your wellness program.