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Acai Juice Nutritionals
Prescription Drug Interactions

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About Acai Liquid Nutritionals - Benefical Properties and Known Prescription Drug Interactions with Acai Juice


This is part of a series on popular antioxidant juices and potential drug interactions. This page contains information about Acai Juice benefits, safety and possible drug interactions.

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What is Acai?
Pronounced ah-say-ee, Acai is short for Acaizeiro, the name of the tree from whose berry the acai juice derives (botanical name: Euterpe Oleracea). Acai is typically made available in juice, powder or pulp form. If pulp is chosen, it's good to know that the consistency of these acai formulas will naturally be more thick.

Acai Juice is one of serveral health juices being advertised widely on the internet. I personally don't enjoy the taste of this liquid nutritional near as much as I do mangosteen juice or goji but I certainly can't argue with the health benefits of the Acai fruit.

Acai juice is considered healthy because of it's polyphenolics which have been associated with decreasing the incidence of certain types of cancers. Acai is nutritionally powerful as a source of fiber, those healthy Omega 3's, B Vitamins and certain minerals, including iron. In addition, this nutritionally rich antioxidant juice boasts a very high ORAC rating. ORAC measures antioxidant properties in a substance.

The effect of Acai against leukemia cells has also been appears that this particular fruit may hold some promise in that area but it's too soon to say anything definitive. If you have leukemia, ask your doctor about Acai.

Oprah featured this particular antioxidant juice on her show, focusing on antiaging and beauty properties of Acai more than the health benefits associate with consuming this juice.

There are also several acai berry detox products out there, utilizing the natural fat oxidation and metabolism boosting properties of the acai berry.

A lower sugar content than some other antioxidant juices makes Euterpe Oleracea attractive as a natural health supplement and, with sugar levels low enough to classify this juice a low glycemic index supplement, the attractiveness of this particular goes even higher on the health scale. The low glycemic index may be of interest to diabetics or pre-diabetics as well as moms who want the natural goodness of healthy juices for their children.

Acai juice may satisfy the sweet tooth for kids without giving them drinks containing high fructose syrup or the higher sugar content of most fruit juices. If choosing between high fructose corn syrup or Acai, if I were a parent it would be Acai. However, I personally wouldn't give concentrated amounts of immune boosting supplements to a child under the age of four, unless there is an immune system problem and your pediatrician suggests it. Their own natural immune system response is not fully developed before four years of age, and the natural development of the immune system makes for a more potent immune system in my opinion.

Prescription Drug Interactions with Acai Juice:

I didn't really find any known drug interactions or safety issues with supplements made from Euterpe Oleracea but that doesn't mean there aren't any possible prescription drug interactions.

Since Acai is high in potassium, I would wonder if it might pose the same concern as some of the other antioxidant juices I researched, for those on potassium-sparing diuretics, salt pills or potassium supplementation? If you take prescription blood pressure meds, you should check with your doctor before consuming natural juices that may be high in potassium, including Acai, to avoid the potential of creating abnormal levels of potassium in your system.

Before you buy....ask about how it's made:
Apparently, the healthy properties in this juice can be greatly reduced if not manufactured with great care. Processing definitely matters with this fruit and that improper processing can greatly reduce the beneficial polyphenols so I would assume that not all antioxidant juices are created equal.

Acai Berry Detox - The acai berry has been advertised lately in numerous product designed to detox and help the body lose weight. These acai berry detox formulas are reported to help users lose weight through cleansing the system, boosting the metabolism, fighting fatique, increasing energy and providing antioxidant support.

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Health Disclaimer: Natural Antioxidant juices, and particularly those made from the Euterpe Oleracea berry, are considered safe for most otherwise healthy individuals, and a healthy addition to the diet. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your doctor before adding anything, even natural supplements, to your diet. Even though the acai formulas are lower in sugar than the other liquid nutritionals I have researched, those with diabetes still need to consider sugar content in any food or drink they consume. Also note that the acai berry detox formulas are often more concentrated and may contain more sugar than acai juice alone. Sugar content could pose a challenge for diabetics so just run it by your doctor before starting on anything new.

Special Caution if you have leukemia or other cancers: if you have leukemia, you should be aware that antioxidants are sometimes not allowed when undergoing certain types of cancer treatments so be sure to talk to you oncologist. More information on leukemia from the Mayo Clinic.