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Redirect to Natural Constipation Remedies

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Some folks are linking to my website incorrectly.

Copyright Neva J Howell

If you've found this page, you were probably looking for natural constipation remedies.

There are some website who are incorrectly spelling urls and linking. I don't know if this helps their page rank in some way but it certainly doesn't help mine. There is never any way to reach the webmasters so I'm assuming this is a scam of some kind.

tIf you have visited a website that redirected from the url leonforte . com you have been directed to some sort of weird thing that has nothing to do with the wellness library.

Here is the link to the correct page on natural constipation remedies and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have found no way yet to stop these folks from mis-spelling my urls on their websites so this is the only correction I can make.

Correct Link: Natural Constipation Remedies

Thanks for your visit to the Ask a Healer Wellness Library.