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Ask A Healer Respects Your Privacy

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It's pretty simple .... Ask a Healer will never sell your email addresses, post private information about you that contains any personal information such as your name, or violate your privacy in any other way. All health questions and answers that are posted have all personal information deleted before posting.

However, because my focus is on sharing information about healing and spiritual wellness, alll questions submitted to me via email or thru the Healthy Choices Wellness Blog are subject to annonymous posting. All health-related and spiritual questions submitted to me remain completely private. All names and locations are removed from any questions, as well as any personal information, before posting the answers.

Please Note: The wellness library functions as an educational website for those interested in holistic health and spiritual guidance so questions are annonymously posted. If this is a problem, please do not submit your questions.

Ask a Healer respects confidentiality and privacy. I do not sell email addresses, period. I will never do so. Your contact with me is considered confidential and I will never disclose your contact information with anyone, anywhere, for any reason unless I first secure your permission to do so. This is the Ask a Healer Wellness Library promise. It seems to be part of my spiritual path to be a bridge for people who can learn from one another, at times. I often see parallels between two people who contact me and realize that there might be gifts that each could give the other, in healing. In those cases, I will contact both of you and suggest a healing connection but whether or not that happens is always up to the two people involved.

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You should be seeing ads appropriate to those topics, if you look to your right on this page. The ads served by google should be similar to what visitors may have searched for before coming to the wellness library. In other words, if you are looking for holistic wellbeing or quantum healing information, you should find relevant ads come up when you are on the relevant page of Ask a Healer. If you search for information on spiritual guidance, you would see slightly different ads that might also be useful in that pursuit.

Please note that cookies cannot plant viruses on your computer or retrieve private information from your computer. Cookies are useful to webmasters as well as users. For example, a cookie helps an online shopping site to remember what you were thinking about buying when you last visited, for example, without you having to search the site again to buy or reorder. The cookie also shows the merchant which product pages are getting the most attention at their store. Cookies help webmasters like me because they tell us how many people visited, which pages are more popular than others and how well any products we choose to share are converting. In turn, this helps you because I am able to know what it is most people are looking for and I can then provide more information on those subjects.

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I do need to tell you that, should there every arise a situation where I would need to share personal information for legal reasons, in other words if I were compelled to do so by law, I would do that. I certainly don't foresee that happening.

Ask a Healer Wellness Library articles are never intended to replace any needed medical advice