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Ask A Healer Health and Wellness Disclaimer by

I was very much like the canary in the coal mine when I was growing up. I did not understand why certain things bothered me so much when they seemed to have no affect at all on those around me.

I found myself feeling just core sick a lot when around cigarette smoke, kerosene heat, those new cheap carpets and linoleum rugs everyone in rural Alabama used to have, etc.

I repelled at the smell of perfumes and washing powders and air fresheners while everyone around me tried to breathe in more of the scents I found so unpleasant.

I did not know there was a perfectly good reason why I felt bad in cigarette smoke or kerosene heat - both release toxic fumes into the air that are particularly harmful to young children, who do not yet have fully developed respiratory systems.

I didn't realize that part of the reason new carpet made me feel sick was that most carpets outgass horribly and for years or that most the linoleums of the day outgassed formaldehyde (some still do).

I also did not have any information on antibiotic resistance and did not know that repeated prescriptions for antibiotics given for every childhood cold would come back to haunt me with digestive and eliminatory health issues later on.

All I knew was that I seemed to be living in a toxic world. As soon as I was able, I began eliminating every environmental toxin I could as well as choosing better foods.

I grew up on good old-fashioned country cooking which meant frying just about everything in lard. It was a diet predominant in fried food, white flour, refined sugar, milk and red meats.

As a result of struggling with my environment so much as a child, I grew up with a natural curiosity about a better way of living. This curiosity led me to studies of natural medicine and that has been my self-treatment path of choice ever since.

In my mind, there's not much of an overlap between natural medicine and allopathic, meaning the two paths seldom meet in a way that works out so far. I'm hopeful this will change in the future. If you have chosen medical doctors and prescription drugs to address physical concerns, the only information I have here that might be helpful would be the info on prescription drug safety and side effects.

That info may cause more concern than it alleviates, however, as there are more side effects and risks than most consumers are aware of even though they are recited, rapid-fire, with each prescription drug commercial on tv. To be certain that we understand each other, please read the following disclaimer:

This information is for self-responsible adults. If you are not willing to be responsible for your choices, read no further. If you read on, know that you are responsible for what you take away from here and how you use it.


The health and wellness information here is NOT, in any way, intended as medical advice. It is mostly experiential in nature, meaning my own experience, or based on research anyone can do if they take the time. It's information. It's educational in nature. If you are under a doctors care, ALWAYS check with your chosen healthcare provider before taking any kind of substance at all that has medicinal properties.

This includes but is not limited to:

Vitamins, minerals, whole foods products, raw foods products, herbal remedies, homeopathics, ayurvedic remedies, aromatherapy, spiritual modalities such as Reik or Matrix Energetics, massage, reflexology, alternative treatments for any health condition, amino acids, antioxidants, nutritional formulas, etc.

In addition, check with your doctor before going on any weight loss program or doing body wraps, before starting any new fitness program or doing any kind of detox program or cleanse.

Talk to your doctor before listening to sound recordings that involve brainwave frequencies, before drinking any kind of water that has been energized, ionized, alkalinized or otherwise altered.

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