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Here at the Ask a Healer wellness library, the focus is on natural remedies, holistic health and supporting the body's ability to heal itself. On this page, I want to clearly talk about the health-related advertising I allow and explain why it is here. Please also review my privacy policy.

I am very pleased to be an affiliate for some of the best health and self-development companies online. I chose these companies because they sell products I believe may be useful to my readers. In exchange for me talking about their products here, they compensate me whenever a reader visits from my site and orders their product. This income helps me pay the expenses of being online, and helps me pay some of my bills too! As you will read a little later though, I'm picky about products I personally endorse.

What are affiliate links? Most online companies offer an affiliate program option to writers such as myself. After joining, the affiliate is given a specially coded link that will track referrals from their website, for example Ask a Healer Wellness Library, and insure that the order gets credited correctly. In order to track the order, you may be asked to allow a harmless tracking cookie. It is generally considered safe to do this.

What you should know about cookies:Cookies are tracking tools and are used web-wide. Most sites that require login, for example, also require that you enable cookies in your browser for that site. Affiliate links also use cookies, so that the referring affiliate gets proper credit for any purchase. You may disable cookies in your browser for any website you feel may be misusing the technology. However, please note that cookies are not what causes viruses or infection and that cookies do not extract information from your computer.

My rule of thumb is that, if I trust the website I'm on, I enable cookies as well. Most of the companies whose products I promote are companies I've had an affiliate relationship with almost a decade now. Over the years, the products and the companies have stood the test of time.

I have an affiliate association and share the product lines from Amazon . com, Learning Strategies, Market Health, Life Enthusiast, Therabreath, TracHealth, Enzyme Essentials, Hypnosis-Downloads, Subliminal-Audio . com, NaturoDoc, Global Healing Center, Radiant Life, American Science, etc.

Advertising Networks Information:
In addition to the affiliate products and services I share on the wellness library, The ads you see on my webpages are from the advertising program, adsense. This targeted health care advertising helps me pay the expenses of being online. I believe these ads do not violate the content of the page but contribute sites with similar content, should further searching be desirable on a subject. However, if you find an objectionable ad on any page, please do let me know. These major ad networks allow you to opt out if desired and information may be found on their respective websites.

Other Advertising Links on this Website:
Although I am knowledgeable about natural remedies, herbology, nutrition and supplements, I certainly cannot provide information on every possible health challenge. This is why I include and link to other online health care resources. I include western allopathic medicine websites as well as other holistic wellbeing resources for a well-rounded view of each health challenge.

In addition, I sometimes provide information on alternative health care services and products as well as spiritual healing websites that I believe in, that may be able to offer assistance to you by way of health products geared toward whatever health challenge you face, since I don't sell products myself but often recommend them.

The external resources listed at the wellness library (meaning non-ad, non-affiliate resource links that take you outside of my domain and to another website) are chosen carefully for your further education on whatever health challenge you have. If you see a notation that a link is askahealer-recommended, it means I personally have used the product myself or I've researched the product (and the company making it) enough to recommend it personally.

Important disclaimer: Due to the fact that content on the internet changes rapidly and websites are bought and sold on a regular basis, I cannot vouch for the resource-type websites I provide for you, other than to say that I found good, solid health information on them when I visited and decided to list them as references.

If you visit a link I've provided and find different information there, which happens when websites are sold to another party, I'd appreciate being notified so that I can find suitable replacements with similar information. have come here in search of information that I have not yet provided on the site, let me know and I'll put that subject on my list of things to research.

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