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Is Your Diet Constipating You?
Dietary Tips for Healthy Elimination

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Troubled with constipation? Try natural remedies

Ask A Healer Colon Health Articles

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Dietary Tips to Avoid Colon Congestion


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Your Posture and Constipation

This is part of a series on constipation triggers and the most common triggers that may allow a congested bowel to develop.

That old saying, "you are what you eat" has never been more appropriate than when talking about colon health. If you colon is not healthy, you are not healthy. Period. So this part of the series is to share some dietary tips that may prove very helpful if you are dealing with chronic or troublesome constipation. However, please note that chronic constipation may signal a more serious health condition so it's important to check with your doctor if these simple suggestion do not bring relief.

Diet-related constipation:
Certain foods are a recipe for constipation. The main culprits are:
1. Red meat
2. Processsed sugar
3. White flour

If prone to constipation, eating these sparingly or not at all can help greatly. Cheese is also a food that creates elimination problems for some, myself included. If I choose to eat red meat, sugary foods, refined flours or cheese, I take steps to prevent constipation, such as taking a natural laxative, drinking more water, and balancing with a high-fiber drink or food bar.

Digestion tip: Whenever eating meats, especially beef, try taking an enzyme high in protease before the first bite.

Replenish Friendly Bacteria
Yogurt is terrific for maintaining friendly flora in the colon. However, personal experience has taught me that not all yogurt is created equal. I avoid some yogurts altogether. For example, Activia contains MSG so I don't think it's worth whatever help Activia might provide to my colon, to have to deal with the side effects of monosodium glutamate. In fact, most yogurts contains either msg, xylitol, sorbitol, carageenan, or other ingredients that produce predictable intestinal distress when I eat them.

If you have dairy allergies, this may present even more of an issue if you try to get your probiotics with yogurt. If lactose intolerant, you might consider trying goat milk yogurt or the Caprazymes formula, derived from goat milk. Goat milk does not often produce allergy symptoms because it is much closer to human milk than the milk of a cow.

If you don't have dairy allergies but you do have sensitivity to excitotoxins, then I'd recommend going organic with your yogurt choices. I definitely can recommend Stoney Field Organic Yogurt as an alternative. It's yummy and there is no MSG. Chobani has a couple of yogurts that don't contain suspect ingredients that might indicate hidden msg but read labels with care. I believe Chobani has GMO ingredients, as their label does not say otherwise. That's another thing I try to avoid in foods I eat.

If you are on a new mediciation, you might ask your doctor if that medication has constipation as a side effect. Many prescription drugs can cause constipation. Even if you've been taking drugs for a while, other changes in your diet or lifestyle may produce constipation and the drugs may help it a long so having a conversation with your doctor is a good idea. Read more about Medication-Related Constipation

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer:This health care information is from an alternative health perspective and not intended to replace any medical evaluation or treatment that may also be necessary.