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Are Prescription Drugs Constipating You?
Prescription Drugs Causing Constipation

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Liquid nutritionals may have prescription drug interactions

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Prescription Drugs that may cause constipation


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This is part of a series on causes of constipation and the most common triggers that may allow a congested bowel to develop. If you currently take a number of doctor-prescribed drugs, any symptoms of chronic constipation may have their root in side effects from those drugs.

Having said that, I will also say that constipation so severe that it had you searching for information the subject may require a trip to the doctor, a colonscopy or other medical evaluation. This information not intended to replace any needed medical attention.

Medication-Related Constipation:
A common side effect of prescription medications for pain is constipation. Other prescription medications may also list constipation as a potential side effect. Check with your doctor to see if constipation is typical with your meds and ask for either a change in meds or something to help with constipation. Milk of Magnesia works well for most folks with medication-related constipation but that should be cleared with your doctor before you take it.

Prescription drugs that may cause constipation:
* Fosamax
* Lipitor
* Narcotic Pain Medications
* Antidepressants

The most comprehensive list of prescription drugs that cause constipation I was able to locate at the time of writing this article has been linked and included such well-known and frequently prescribed meds as amitryptaline, codeine and iron supplements.

So, let's say you are taking fosamax or an iron supplement or amitryptaline. You can't just stop taking them. That would not be safe. So what can you do to help maintain healthy bowel movements?

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to combat the impact of prescription drugs. First, I'd suggest you read up on dietary tips for constipation and following the helpful tips you find there. In addition, I'd look at handling stress better and I'd also suggest having a heart-to-heart talk to your doctor about alternative drugs that may not cause constipatioh, or ask your doctor for help with relieving the constipation created by doctor-presribed drugs.

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer:Prescription drugs are a normal every day event for many. You get up, you take your morning meds. If you are one of those folks, taking a prescription drug every day, you need to check with your doctor before making any changes to your health regimen. Perid.