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Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies
Constipation and Hemorrhoids

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Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain and Shrink Hemorrhoids with Natural Remedies - How to tell if you have Hemorrhoids


Master List of Natural Remedies

This article is part of a health series on chronic constipation and related complications. One such constipation-related complication is hemorrhoid swelling and inflammation. In this part of the series learn about natural Hemorrhoid remedies and how to tell if you have hemorrhoids. chronic constipation, part one

When Chronic Constipation Inflames Hemorrhoids:
When bowel movements are abnormal and you have to strain to eliminate waste from the colon, it can irritate the tissues and cause hemorrhoids to flare up.

If you find your chronic constipation is affecting your hemorrhoids, try adding a natural internal lubricant. I find flaxseed oil capsules work great for this purpose (I use organic - Walmart carries a good brand).

In addition, you may want to drink aloe juice to soothe your bowel. Please read about aloe juice side effects if you have a diagnosed colon condition such as Crohn's Disease, IBS, diverticulitis, etc.

How to you know if you have Hemmorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids are usually easy to recognize because they protrude near the surface of the anus and you can feel them. Internal hemorrhoids may be harder to identify because you may not be able to feel them.

Some symptoms of internal hemorrhoids include:
1. Bleeding when you have a bowel movement
2. Itching or irritation around the rectal opening
3. Swelling or inflammation in the anal area.

chronic constipation Ask a Healer Recommended: Shrink hemorrhoids with this natural, safe hemorrhoid remedyHemorrhoids

Detoxing with Hemmorrhoids - Note on doing a detox if you have Hemorrhoids. It is not advisable to start detoxing when hemorrhoids are active. Shrink Hemorrhoids before detoxing. Even when your hemorrhoids are not active, doing a detox incorrectly could bother them. Drinking more water and taking an internal lubricant like organic flaxseed oil capsules will help ease bowel movements while detoxing.

Natural constipation remedies

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: Hemmorrhoids, though painful, are not usually a dangerous health condition. However, if you have prolonged discomfort, see your doctor. Also, if you have bleeding on bowel movements, have your doctor rule out other health conditions that might cause such bleeding. These may include screening for colorectal cancer or digestive conditions that may cause bleeding during bowel movements.