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Colon Cleansing Success Tips
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Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing


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This is part of a series on colon cleansing. In part one we talked about colon cleanse side effects. If you have reached this page directly, it may be helpful to read part one before continuing with these colon cleansing tips.

Cleanse Tip # 1 - Make time for healing:

Before undergoing a cleanse to any organ or system of the body, it is good to arrange for time off work. Starting a cleanse on a Friday evening works well for most who can plan to take Saturday and Sunday fairly easy. Since most detox symptoms are strongest in first three days, you could be over most of any healing crisis by the time you have to return to work on Monday. Any detox symptoms should abate within 2 to 3 days so starting a cleanse on Friday and taking Monday off, is a good plan.

Changing your diet a few days prior to a cleanse can help tremendously too to reduce detox symptoms and to promote more healthy stool. Cutting back on foods that are hard on the eliminatory tract can be very helpful and improve the quality of your detox or cleanse.

Cleanse Tip # 2 - Dietary No-No's When Cleansing:
Certain foods are particularly hard on digestive and eliminatory processes and, for optimal health, I recommend reducing or eliminating day to day but in particular, you should avoid the following when preparing for a detox or cleanse. Pre-cleanse foods that are good include fresh vegetable juices and light broths or soups. Eat fruits sparingly due to high sugar content of most fruits and buy organic fruits and veggies to avoid loading your system up with even more pesticides and toxins before your cleanse.

Prior to a cleanse avoid meat (particularly no beef or pork), fried foods, white flour products and refined sugar products. Also avoid colas, particularly diet colas.

Cleanse Tip # 3 - Dietary Yes-Yes's When Cleansing: Add Fresh, organic veggie juices
Drink 64 ounces of pure water daily
Take gentle walks and do some stretching daily
Add a mild laxative for a few days before actual cleanse
Add natural stool softener if constipation noticed
Get good, rejuvenating sleep; add natural sleep aid if needed

Health Care Disclaimer: The colon cleansing tips shared on this page are not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. Any cleanse you might undertake, based on the contents found in this article is at your own risk. It is not suggested that you begin a colon cleanse, if you have any diagnosed bowel problem, before first checking with your doctor . Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to colon health and colon disorders. Detoxing the body is an alternative health care approach to colon toxicity and unhealthy stool and may or may not receive the blessing of your physician.