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PureZyme Digestive Enzyme Protease Blend

Protease is the digestive enzyme that helps your body digest proteins. However, if taken on an empty stomach, the right protease blend does much more for your health. Enzyme Essentials has created what I believe to be one of the best protease blends available anywhere. It is called Purezyme and I encourage you to read more about it.

What is PureZyme Digestive Enzyme Formula?
Purezyme is a special blend of proteases designed to naturally help the body attack and get rid of harmful protenacious matter and debris from the blood while, at the same time, enhancing immune function. Enzyme Essentials uses a blend of highly active proteases, with a wide ph range, for stronger scavenging of toxins.

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Bookmark Enzyme Essentials for all your digestive enzyme needs - they have additional enzyme formulas to meet most of life's common digestive and eliminatory challenges.For example, if you have problems digesting fatty foods, please read about their LypoZyme formula. (The Lypozyme formula is my personal favorite, after the PureZyme. Trouble sleeping? Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme works great for me.

Benefits of this special protease blend:
* Better protein digestion in gastrointestinal tract
* Removal of immune complexes that may contribute to autoimmune disorders, before they have a change to adversely affect your body.
* Effective modulation of cytokines, the small proteins that act as signaling communicators between your cells
* Enhanced blood rheology which has to do with normal viscosity of blood and plasma
* Protease may help produce fibrinolytic (a fibrinolytic substances helps with the breakdown of harmful fibrin clots) and thrombolytic activity (a thrombolytic helps to dissolve blood clots) without the bleeding side-effects of other currently used thrombolytics
* Improved healing from wounds
* Agressive scavenging of circulating oxidized proteins, which reduces the cascading harmful effect of free radicals

Protease and tooth infections The following is ancedotal experience by someone I personally know. This person has a severe tooth infection, going into the gum. Antibiotics were not touching it. He was really sick. I suggested he look into Purezyme. He decided to try Purezyme, because nothing else was working. He took it for several months and the reported to me that the infection was gone. IMPORTANT: If you have a tooth infection, see your dentist. Also, if you are taking medications, ask your doctor before talking protease. There may be drug interactions. This information is not intended to replace any dental health diagnosis, evaluation or medical treatment that may also be necessary.

Health Disclaimer: Digestive enzymes are not intended to replace any needed medical attention. Enzyme formulas like Purezyme may help the body maintain digestive and eliminatory health; however, you should always check with your doctor if on prescription medications or under a doctor's care for any known medical condition.