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Skip the high-priced spa! Save money on kits for doing detoxing and weight loss body wraps at home!

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Featured: The Body Wrap Kit by Miracle Slim Wrap
Body Wrap Kit by Miracle Slim Wrap provides the same Body Wrap technology used by high-end expensive spas. Now, in the privacy of your own home, you can get a spa-Quality body wrap session in comfort. With the body wrap kit you can target the areas you want to wrap and skip the areas you don't want to wrap.

The Body Wrap Kit by Miracle Slim Wrap works great on classic problem areas such as the thighs and hips, stomach and waist. Quality ingredients mean you won't have to worry about any damage to your skin by using the product too much. In fact the ingredients are organic, healing and leave your skin feeling fantastically smooth and clear. Body Wrap Kit by Miracle Slim Wrap is a blend of highly effective organic ingredients from Glacial and Seabed Clays, combined with a special Amino Acid blend in an Aloe Vera base.

Your body wrap kit contains several packets of these ingredients that you use in conjunction with the two large bandages included. The Body Wrap Kit by Miracle Slim Wrap replenishes your skin with nourishing minerals that will make you feel great and healthy. Unless you live in a toxin-free bubble, your skin is exposed to pollution every day so it makes good sense to regularly cleanse and nourish your skin with kits like this one which can be also used on the neck. Get Your Miracle Body Wrap Kit Today!

Body Wrap Disclaimer: According to a beauty consultant I talked with, when an herbal body wrap is put on, the skin will absorb about 40 percent of the active ingredients. Same with a mineral wrap. Therefore, you will absorb some of the ingredients from a wrap. This is why I encourage finding organic wrap solutions. If you are on any type of prescription medication, you should always check with your doctor before doing a body wrap, disclosing all ingredients that will be used. Important note on body wrap safety: No type of body wrap, even if the ingredients are organic or all-natural, should be used by those who are pregnant or nursing, unless your doctor approves. Also, those with heart conditions should check with their doctor before doing a body wrap.