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Herbal and Mineral Body Wrap Tips
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What you should know about bodywrapping - Tips for a Successful Wrap Experience


This beauty care article assumes you've already decided to give wrapping a try and offers practical, effective tips that will help you get optimal results from your body wrap experience. Not sure if body wraps really work? To educate yourself further on whether body-wraps work or are the best solution for you at this time, read Tired of Weight Loss Gimmicks? Do Body Wraps Work? Many people use wrapping as a means of losing inches quickly while others take a healthier view and also integrate lifestyle changes that assist the body in maintaining a healthy weight and tone. This is the wise way to approach body wrapping or any other weight loss technique.

1. Investigate the ingredients in the body wrap formula. The best wrap technicians use organic herbs and the purest detoxing clays. Not all clays are good for wrapping and not all herbs are safe for sensitive skin. If doing a clay wrap, ask if the clay has been tested to be free or nearly free of heavy metals. If doing an herbal wrap, ask if the herbs used are organic. If you have questions about the formula, I'd keep looking til I found one that felt right and healthy.

2. Find a body wrap technician who combines infrared heat into the body-wrap process. Infrared heat has tremendous benefits for the body, in general, but specifically it can also help raise the metabolic rate and, when used with body wraps, can facilitate a faster result. One note of caution: If you have amalgam fillings and are concerned about mercury vapor release during infrared heat treatments, note that near infrared is much safer in those situation. Also, infrared heat may be contraindicated if you have metal implants, allergies to the electrode or the stuff they put on them, certain skin conditions such as eczema, epilepsy or if you have a pacemaker. In any case, if under a doctor's care for known conditions, particularly heart disease, diabetes or epilepsy, check with doctor first.

3. Make the healthy commitment to regular wrapping. We all know you can't exercise once a year or eat right occasionally and see weight loss progress. It takes regular exercise and longterm dietary changes to effect permanent weight loss. Just the same, it takes more than one body-wrap to tone and detox. While most people do lose inches even from the first wrap, typically, you will need to schedule about 10 wraps to see results that will bring a smile and satisfaction. I would alternate the types of wraps as well. Some target fat, such as the lipase wraps, while others help with detoxing which is also important. Still others will help with toning as you lose weight. Talk to the wrap technician about your long term goals.

4. Make the healthy commitment to better eating and moderate exercise. One side effect of getting regular body wraps is that you can see the benefit of your workouts and diet choices faster. Because bodywraps help to tone the skin and help you lose inches, you look better more quickly with them as part of your overall plan, than without them.

5. Drink more water..... for days! Most people walk around dehydrated. Upping your water intake for at least three days before a wrap can help the body detox better and cleanse the skin at a deeper level. Water helps the body flush out toxins and also hydrates the skin. If you don't take in sufficient water, you negate some of the more positive reasons for doing a body wrap in the first place.

And, after having increased your water intake for three days......why not just keep that habit up for life? Your body will thank you every time you choose water over coke, coffee, tea or any other beverage!

Bodywrapping at Home

Weight Loss and Fitness Disclaimer: If you are under a doctor's care for any known medical condition, you should always check with your doctor before doing a wrap, in particular if infrarred heat wrap is used or if you have diabetes or heart disease. Body wraps are not for those who are pregnant or nursing.