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Do Steam Canopy Body Wraps Work?

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Steam Canopy No Wrap Body Wraps - Do They Work?


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Steam Canopy Benefits and Costs

For some people, being wrapped from head to foot is just not appealing. In doing research for this series, I came across information on something called a steam canopy that offers a different approach. Lying comfortably on a padded table, the steam canopy is lowered around the body so that the face is kept cool as the body receives a steam detox treatment.

The first such example I read about is called Steamy Wonder. Other brands of steam canopy included the Hawaiian Steam Canopy and the Integrated Spa System. The Steamy Wonder appeared to be the most popular choice. I don't know a thing about the Steamy Wonder steam canopy except what I read on the site so I'm not endorsing this system, just sharing the information for educational purposes. I'd suggest researching the Hawaiian steam canopy and the Integrated Spa System as well and comparing benefits and cost with Steamy Wonder system.

It appears that the Steamy Wonder is the most popular, judging from the information available online but that may not mean it's the best so research and do your homework. Interestingly, a steam canopy system can either replace a wrap or enhance the traditional body wrap. In other words, you can do a body-wrap and then get on the Steamy Wonder, Integrated Spa Treatment, Hawaiian Steam Canopy or other detoxing steam system and experience the benefits of both.

Reported benefits of steam canopy Treatments:
* More convenient and less messy than traditional body wraps
* Same shrinkage through sweating of a typical wrap
* Far more relaxing than wraps requiring constant movement, since clients just lay on a table
* Might be a good option for claustrophobics
* More versatile than a traditional body-wrap because herbs, clays or other ingredients can also be used

Physical benefits listed include weight loss, detoxification, joint pain relief, stress relief, cellulite reduction, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, skin tone improvement and immune system boosting.

A steam canopy is a fairly expensive system typically purchased by spas and beauty salons for their clients. The advantage for a business owner would be that it takes less time to do a no-wrap wrap and the client may have a more relaxing experience. If you are not a salon owner, you'd be looking at a cost of $1,300 or more to purchase a steam canopy for home use. Before incurring that expense, I'd suggest checking local salons to see if any are offering whichever of the steam canopy systems you like best and try a treatment first.

How to do a Body Wrap at Home: If you've been wanting to try home body wraps but didn't know how to do it right, this can help: Doing Body Wraps at Home. I warn you the opening page is pretty bold in it's claims. I'm not one for that kind of flashing advertising. However, if you read on down past that, it appears there is some info there that might be useful.

Important Note about body wraps: If you are under a doctor's care for any condition where steam heat might be contraindicated, please check with your doctor before doing a steam canopy body wrap.