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Do Infrared Body Wraps Work?
Do Lipase Body Wraps Work?

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Ask A Healer Weight Loss Series

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Learn about Body-Wraps with Infrared Heat and How the Digestive Enzyme Lipase may help you with your toning and fat loss goals


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Please also read intro to do body wraps really work?. This is a seven-part series on wrapping, types of wraps, weight loss with body-wraps and tips for success with your wrapping experience.

Read up on body wraps and take advantage of free information online to help you decide what type of body wrap is best for you. Be sure to tell your salon tech or whoever you order from, about any allergies to herbal ingredients that may be used in wrapping solution. Also, please read up on the cautions for having an infrared treatment further along in this article.

Do Body Wraps Work?
We've been exploring whether body wraps work or not. I believe they can be part of an overall weight loss and fitness program. However, wrapping alone is not enough, as you may have read in other parts of this health series. If you came to this page directly, why not click the link above and start at the beginning of this six-part article? On this page, we're exploring two wrap options that are newer than some of the others I've mentioned: infrared heat wraps and lipase wraps.

I've never had a lipase wrap but have had a series of four of the infrared type. I really, really liked them but not so much for weight loss. As I also mention elsewhere in this series, it really takes about 10 to 12 wraps before you start seeing the true benefits and even then, only if you are also exercising, eating right, etc.

Do Infrared Body Wraps Work - How About Lipase Wraps? What are infrared bodywraps?
With an infrared body-wrap, no topicals are used .... well, at least I haven't heard of topicals being employed at the same time as infrared though some spas may offer treatments that involve several steps such as exfoliation, detoxing, toning, etc, in addition to the infrared portion of the spa package.

As I mentioned, these are my favorite behind detoxing clays. I experienced a reduction in joint and muscle pain when I had a series of four infrared heat wraps so I'd have to say they work for that. I didn't really try infrared body wraps to lose weight. I was exploring infrared heat for healing purposes so can't really speak to effectiveness for weight loss and firming purposes, but can say I found the experience mostly enjoyable. The really big draw of these wraps is the calorie-burning effect of infrared. Who doesn't like to burn calories without exercising?

It is estimated that infrared heat can burn up to 1,400 calories in a session. The infrared heat, in the body wrap I got, was applied by attaching silicon pads to the arms and legs and lying on another pad while having a fourth pad on the front part of the body. People on the go as well as those who are shy about their body may also favor infrared body wraps. They are more convenient than other wraps because clothing does not have to be removed. Also, there are no messy topical solutions to wash off afterwards.

CAUTIONS: There are some cautions with infrared heat so discuss any medical conditions with the technician prior to having an infrared body wrap. In particular, a far infrared heat treatment may not be recommended for those with any type of heart condition, infection, active shingles, open wounds, diabetes, varicose veins, a tendency toward allergic reactions on the skin or an over-active thyroid gland. If you are taking any prescription drugs, discuss those with the wrap tech before hand because some, like antibiotics, are also contraindicated with far infrared wraps. To learn more about the different infrared body wraps that are available, google the following brand names: Thermojet Morfologic, Sudatonic and Formostar.

Formostar Experience:
My personal experience was with the Far Infrared Formostar Body Wrap. From what I understand, the Thermojet has dual infrared so sessions are not as long as with the Formostar Infrared Heat System because it is a single infrared system. The Sudatonic system utilizes specific topicals that are designed to create a sort of second skin which keeps the body from sweating. Then, the body is covered with what's called a "French Heating Blanket" rather than being wraped in silicone bands like the Formostar wrap, and this blanket heats the body up. Since the body can't sweat to cool off, because of the artificial second skin, it heats up and burns calories. I frankly can't imagine this being a pleasant experience.

The costs of these far infrared wraps is high, higer than mineral wraps I've had or investigated. I paid, if I recall, around $80 per wrap and that was several years ago. They can go as high as $150 per wrap so some opt to buy their own system. If you happen to have thousands of dollars lying around to buy one of these units as opposed to going to the spa to get wrapped, then the Thermojet is apparently a few thousand cheaper to purchase outright than the Formostar. I couldn't find any prices on purchasing a Sudatonic system. However, you might also check ebay. I almost purchased a used Formostar there for about 3 grand less than new but decided against it.

As I was writing this article, I checked ebay for Sudatonic and found the Infrared Sudatonic Cellulite System Wrap for $2,300 but not sure if this is the same as what salons use. I feel you would be wise to try infrared body wraps first at a spa and see how you like the infrared treatments, before investing thousands in a machine.

About Lipase Enzyme Body Wraps:
As the name suggests, The primary ingredient in a lipase body wrap is lipase, the digestive enzyme responsible for digesting fat in the body. Applied topically, the lipase enzyme wraps operate on the idea that lipase can breakdown fat during the wrap for easier weight loss. Since lipase wraps are often a 2-part wrapping process, with a toning wrap following the initial enzyme solution, they may be more expensive and take longer than single-wrap options. I actually couldn't find a lot of information on enzyme body wraps online except very general info from two systems that use it, Suddenly Slender and Slendertone.

Spas typically suggest this type of wrapping for really hard body types and very muscular bodies. It's hard to give a definitive answer as to whether enzyme body wraps work or not because of the theory that they work best on more muscular types and also because the ingredients used in the second half may vary. Ask questions, ask for testimonials, do your own research on ingredients online.

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Body Wrap Cautions: While most salons and spas say that body-wraps are safe for most people, I would always check with my doctor if being treated for any type of heart condition or circulatory problem including diabetes-related neuropathy or other circulatory concerns. In particular, please note the cautions listed above before trying far infrared heat body wraps.