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About Holistihemp CBD products:
HolistiHemp is tested by a professional 3rd party lab in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 using including Convergence Chromatography and liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric Detection to verify POTENCY, PURITY and compliance with federal laws about negligible THC content as per DHA definition of hemp .

Why Unflavored?
Holistihemp tinctures contain 2 ingredients, full spectrum hemp oil extract and fractionated coconut oil MCT. Fractionated coconut oil MCT allows for 3 times greater absorption than hemp oil extract alone or a substandard absorbing oil that our competitors use such as grape seed, hemp seed, etc. By adding a flavored oil, such as peppermint oil or orange oil, would dilute the concentrated MCT oil, and bind some of the hemp oil extract which then would not absorb as readily as it would in a MCT only solution, the result being you not getting your full dose of hemp oil extract because of malabsorption.

Why CBD helps with pain
CBD has POWERFUL anti inflammatory effects by inhibiting the inflammation process. Studies have shown that one way it does this is by delaying the metabolism of and increasing the availability of adenosine, another neurotransmitter, that in high concentrations has a significantly broad anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Greater levels of adenosine also are know to have an anti-anxiety effects, especially in conjunction with the aforementioned increased availability of anandamide.

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Health Disclaimer: Nothing on this page is replacement for any needed medical attention. Although CBD may be recommended for use of specific conditions, it is not presented as medical treatment. CBD oil from industrial hemp is not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment you may also need. Please note that I can only recommend lab-tested CBD because of the proliferation of toxic pesticides that may be present in untested industrial hemp.