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Identifying Body Pain
Related to Money Issues

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How financial stress manifests in the body


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Body Pain Around Money:
The main areas of the body that generally contract around money are the hands, the neck and shoulders, the back and the heart. Generally speaking, in my own experience and according to various teachers, the hands are about giving and receiving. If you notice pain or hurt one hand or the other, it's a sure sign that your balance between giving and receiving is out of alignment. If both hands hurt, then the struggle may be more about knowing when and what to let go of and hold.

I highly recommend the work of Louise Hay, a true pioneer in the work of understand the role of belief and vision in good health and other aspects of our lives. Her book "You Can Heal Your Life" acts as a body symptom Bible for many and may prove useful to you, as you move from level to level of spiritual acceleration.. According to Louise Hay, there are some common areas associated with survival and lack thinking. Ms. Hay and other metaphysical teachers agree that back pain could point to survival issues and feeling responsible for more than is truly your responsibility. This has been true in my own life. Typically, pain in the hands may indicate an imbalance between giving and receiving, grasping opportunities and letting go of expectations or things that no longer serve. Again, according to Ms. Hay, it even matters which hand is hurting so I recommend getting her book and learning more about body speak. She was a recognized expert in that specialized field of spiritual discovery.

Surrender to what is.
Without this step, none of the others is possible. Own your current reality, no matter how much it may suck. Settle into a neutral space with it, accepting it all, embracing it without trying to fix it or change it. There is such tremendous power in this that I cannot truly describe it. However, it may be the most difficult part of the entire process so be patient with yourself. You can only surrender when you can surrender. So, if you find yourself looking to see if anything has changed, because you surrendered, then you really haven't surrendered.

If you can consider other aspects and get your mind off the money, it's quite helpful. You might spend some time with your body, focusing on contraction points around money, in stillness, and then finding some enjoyable way of movement (dance, Tai Chi, playing tag with children, etc.) it may loosen enough physical rigidity that, when you return to the first step, you are better able to reach that state of acceptance that is needed to allow the shift you desire.

Allow Compassionate Understanding.
Once you feel you have experienced at least a moment of being entirely accepting of your situation, perhaps you may become interested in what parts of you have needed poverty. You may be able to see lineage contributions, particularly in your immediate family, that encouraged you to be less prosperous than you desire to be. In seeing the lineage, it's important to accept and bless those ties too. Blessing them doesn't mean you keep them. It means you see them, acknowledge the path of them and accept the role family beliefs and paradigms may have played in your overall relationship with abundance. In step two, you are still NOT trying to change anything. Let things be. See them. Own them. Be with whatever you discover in a neutral space of compassion.

Beyond the family, look at society at large and how your most significant experiences out in the world may have shaped your ideas about what is possible when it comes to money. Also look at all spiritual teachings you may have embraced. In my own walk, the teachings so many found helpful in books like The Secret were actually counterproductive to my own design and way of being in the world. It took a drastic shift in how I entered situations for me to experience abundance and I struggled for many years before noticing this pattern. It's important to compassionately embrace what has formed your current reality around money. To be thankful for what your experiences and choices have taught you. Step two is as difficult for some as step one. If you can't do this at the moment, go dance or play or take a walk or meditate and come back to this step later.

Get in touch with what true abundance means for you
There is this collective mindset around abundance which says more and bigger is always better. The big house, the big car, the expensive clothes and the bulging bank account are symbols of a paradigm around what it means to be abundant. In my own path, I soon realized that the paradigm I had been sort of bogged down in was based on this collective mindset and not my soul's desires beyond paradigms and belief systems.

I discovered that, for me to feel abundant, I did not require any of the things society recognizes as necessary. I did not need the big house, the big car, the expensive clothes, even the bulging bank account. I found it delightful to live more simply and yet, I had contraction around even creating a simple and sweet level of abundance that would include comfortable lodging, really healthy foods to eat and a dependable vehicle to drive. For me, that level of abundance was as hard to achieve as the collective mindset level of outer symbols of weath because I knew that I would not be considered abundant by the masses. I still had part of my identity wrapped up in being seen as successful rather than just living my own definition of success.

Helpful Tips in Defining Success for Yourself:
Don't watch the news at all.
If you really want to get a whopping energetic dose of the collective mindset around money, just tune in to the nightly news. However, if you want to shift out of society's energetic grasp, find a good comedy instead. Laughter really is the best medicine

Go shopping as if you could buy the store.
Most of the time, when we are in poverty mode, we don't enjoy shopping because we know we can't buy what we want. We have to focus on what we have to have. As an expansion exercise, go into an expensive store and shop as if you could buy anything in there. Once you allow yourself to buy anything, you may find you don't really want a lot of what you thought you wanted.

Listen to Abraham-Hicks on abundance every day.
I love the fun and playful energy that Esther Hicks has, especially around the idea of abundance. Just tuning in to this energy that is in an observational position above thoughts of fear and lack may help you stay in a more playful and open relationship with awareness. I suggest not trying to �think� about what Esther is saying but just letting them flow over you like refreshing water. There are tons of Abraham-Hicks videos on youtube. I have included a link to that channel in the resources. If you don't resonate with Esther's messages, find someone else with whom you do feel a wealth resonance that aligns with your optimal life.

Please bookmark this page. I'll be adding Chapter 5 soon.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.