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MMS instructions for purification of potable water



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FDA Alert - I cannot advise on using MMS, whatsoever. I share some personal experiences here, that's all. You should know that the The FDA says throw your MMS away. While I would not make the choice, personally, to take MMS in very high doses or longterm, myself and the FDA definitely part ways when the FDA calls it toxic and says don't take MMS at all. Read up online, gather all the infor you can and then, if you are willing to take responsibility for your health, you can make your own decision about MMS. Well, you can make it at least as long as the FDA lets you. This information is about how to use MMS for water purification purposes.

The Master Mineral Supplement was brought to the public by a man named Jim Humble, who used it in third world countries extensively as a natural approach to irradicating malaria. He documented many cases where the malaria was gone after use of his Master Mineral Supplement, or MMS as it is commonly called today. The FDA issued a strong warning against MMS. They keep moving the article and on my last visit, I was unable to find it. However, you can search and review, or write FD directly if you can't find the article, if you have concerns. The focus on this page is detailing how to use MMS to purify water during emergencies and it is incredibly effective for this purpose.

I got these instructions from the Keavy's Corner website and also consider their MMS to be the best available online today. Unfortunately, the types of plastic they are using do not meet my criteria so I no longer order MMS from there. According to the folks at Keavy's here are the instructions:

MMS for water purification of potable water:
1. Use 1-2 drops of MMS solution for each gallon of well water or tap water you wish to store.
2. Seal Container.
3. Retreat after opening.
4. For standing water or water from a suspect source, Use 3-4 drops of sodium chlorite solution to each gallon of water. Let stand for 8-10 hours before drinking.

For treated water on demand:
1. Use 4 drops per gallon
2. Add equal amounts of Keavy's Corner MMS solution (Part A) and Keavy's Corner Activator Solution (Part B) in a small container.
3. Do not add directly to water.
4. Wait 3 minutes and add to water to be treated.
5. Wait 15 minutes before drinking.

Health Disclaimer: MMS is a water purifier, basically. As such, it is a very effective water purifier and would make a fantastic addition to any survival kit or emergency kit you may have at home. Master Mineral Supplement is not presented as any kind of health supplement, medicine or natural remedy. The information here is not intended to replace medical attention, evaluation and treatment.

There is a wealth of information about Jim Humble's experiences with sodium chlorite. I'm pleased that all the writings have been made conveniently available online now, in the form of ebooks.

I strongly recommend getting some ebooks and educating yourself on the quite remarkable history and ancedotal stories of health conditions that have shown improvement, according to those who use MMS, as well as the documented use of this supplement for malaria and other conditions.

It's quite a controversial product but there's enough meat on the bones of the story to let me know that Jim Humble is on to something amazing here. Whether it will ever get the attention it deserves may be up to the people.

As is the case with any such product, widely used but not scientifically verified, there are stories that are loose and unscientific and there are those that make one sit up and say "hmmmm". You can't judge what you don't know about so if MMS interests you, find out what's out there about it.