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Wellness and spiritual sharings include healthy water information, with a focus on ionization and alkalination and energized waters, by unless otherwise noted.

More sharings about ionized, alkaline, acidic and RO water

Most health-conscious people recognize the importance of drinking pure water sufficient to hydrate the cells and flush out impurities but is one type of water system better than another? What are the health benefits to ionic water? Alkaline water? Acid Water? Should you be using a water ionizer? and Why Drink Ionized Water?

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Mild Acid Water Benefits

Strong Acid Water Benefits

Alkaline Water and The Two Orps

What About Reverse Osmosis Water Filters?

How much trouble is it to use a water ionizer in your home? Maybe you've thought about getting an ionizer because you have read about the health benefits of alkaline water and acid water but you are not sure about how much trouble you'd be taking on, trying to install and use it in your home. This answers all those pesky questions you need answers for before you decide to buy one.

Does Ionization make healthier water? I know Dr. Weil says ionized water is bunk. He's pretty well respected. What do you think?

Additional FAQ: Why should I drink ionized water?

Yet more about Ionization And in case you could possibly still have more questions about ionized water, alkaline water or acid water, here's yet another comprehensive article on the subject.

Can Your Water Help Your Skin? Pure water can be a secret weapon for both your weight loss goals and beautiful skin. Find out what water can do for you, besides just quenching your thirst.

What is a water stick? The benefits of hydrogen-rich water have been studied extensively by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi. Find out what the water stick can do for your drinking water.

What is energized water? The benefits of etherically, spiritually energized water as a catalyst for both physical and other levels of health and wellbeing.