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Tsonia Beach Lesbos Tsonia Beach Lesbos Tsonia Beach Lesbos Tsonia Beach Lesbos
Tsonia Beach on the island of Lesbos in Greece
Tsonia Beach Lesbos

Tsonia Beach is a secret gem in the north of the island of Lesbos. You have to get off the road at Kleio, and than the last ten minutes (by car) from the crossroads at Korakas it is dust and sand on an unpaved road. The beach is about 500 meters long and consists mainly of reddish sand and some pebbles. There are tavernas and there are rooms for rent, a couple of's all quiet. There is an island in the bay opposite the beach and behind that you see Turkey. At the end of the beach on the top of a hill there is a small church. There are some (mostly red) pebbles as you get into the sea, and the water is exceptionally clear, the beach is pretty and it's clean. Defenitely one of my favorite beaches that I have seen on the island. There are sardines and other small fish swimming in the water along the coast, and there is the occasional small crab or large fish. It all looks like an aquarium. I have never seen so many fish as in these waters: thousands and thousands in all sorts and shape and colours.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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