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faneromeni Lesbos faneromeni Lesbos faneromeni Lesbos faneromeni Lesbos
Lesbos Naturist beaches - Faneromeni Beach on Lesbos

The Faneromeni Beach is quite a large beach in the nortwest of the island of Lesbos, just a few miles above the village of Sigri. You can reach it by a partialy unpaved road (in 2006) that leads from a sign just before you enter Sigri. Faneromeni is quiet, reasonably clean and there can be a bit of a breeze. I personally liked this beach and found it was one of the nicest ones on the island, but then again, I like it when it's quiet. On the beach there is a small church that is partly build into the rocks, where you can light a candle if you like that.

Lesbos Molyvosor Mithimna Lesbos Molyvosor Mithimna Lesbos Molyvosor Mithimna Lesbos, Mithimna of Molyvos
The naturist beach of Molyvos on Lesbos

Mithymna, or Molyvos as it is also called, in the north of the island of Lesbos is a very special and beautiful town and the first view of it is overwhelming. Molyvos is situated on a small mountain topped by a dramatic medieval castle from the Byzantine period. At the edge of Molyvos there is a long and narrow beach and at the end of this there is a part where there is place for naturisme.

Lesbos, Eressos strand Lesbos, Eressos strand Lesbos, Eressos strand Lesbos, Eressos strand
The naturist beach of Skala Eressos on the island of Lesbos

The village of SKALA ERESSOS in the west of Lesbos is situated in a dramatic and defenitely the most beautiful bay of the island, and blessed with a gorgeous beach (on one part nudism is allowed). In this village you can totally and completely relax, because it is far away from all the noise that you find in thet tourist centres. The streets of the town of Skala Eressos which border the beach are closed to all cars, making it quiet and safe to walk. More importantly you do not have to worry about the safety of your children. The town ends at the beach road but cafes and restaurants have built bamboo covered decks that extend out on to the sand so you can sit in the shade and watch your kids playing in the Aegean and not be more than a few feet away. The village beholds the remains of a medieval fortress and there are mosaics from a 5th century basilica behind the new church. Skala Eressos is close to the petrified forrest and the lovely coastal village of Sigri. The surroundings and the nature in the area are breathtakingly beautiful. Skala Eressos beach has a part reserved for naturists.

Vatera bloemen Vatera strand Vatera strand Madonna Studios Lesbos
Lesbos naturist beaches: Vatera Beach

Vatera is a village in the south of Lesbos Island, a little over 50 kilometers from the main town Mytilini. The village has about 8 kilometers of uninterrupted sandy beach. This is one beach that seems to extend forever and kilometers of it are as good as deserted, so it also offers something good for those of us that prefer a little privacy. This is by far the best beach that I have seen on the entire island! Because the village is in the south, it is protected from the northern winds that usually come in August and September. Vatera Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean waters. Because the beach is so large it is easy to find a place for yourself and take off your clothes and go for a swim. The area around Vatera invites you for making walks through its beautiful surroundings, to enjoy the nature and several archeological sights. The town of Vatera itself stretches a couple kilometers and is made up of some really nice tavernas, some Italian restaurants, several small bars, and a few shops. It's a place perfect for families, for relaxation and a perfect place for watching sunsets while enjoying a coffee or an early ouzo. The best way to get to Vatera is to take the road to Polychnitou that begins on the main Mytilini road near the gulf of Yera, or if you are coming from Eressos or Molyvos take the road that begins in the eastern part of the gulf of Kaloni. This is a beautiful trip along the gulf and through forests, olive groves, villages and farms.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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