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Molyvos Lesbos Molyvos Lesbos Molyvos Lesbos, view from Nassos Guesthouse Molyvos Lesbos, view from Nassos Guesthouse
Lesbos Molyvos, Nassos Guesthouse Lesbos Molyvos, Nassos Guesthouse Lesbos Molyvos, Nassos Guesthouse Lesbos Molyvos, Nassos Guesthouse
Nassos Guesthouse in Molyvos on Lesbos

The Nassos Guest House is situated on the beautiful island of Lesvos. As third largest islands of all the Greek islands, Lesvos offers much scope for exploration and is very welcoming and friendly to visitors. The Nassos Guest House is situated in the middle of picturesque Molivos (Mythimna) village, half way down from the castle (on top of the hills) and offers stunning views across the village rooftops and across the bay towards the sea. This is a good option for people that would like to stay in a small scaled place instead of one of the bigger hotels in Molyvos. The house was built around 1900 and the first owner was a Turkish doctor. In the sixties it was established as the first Guest House serving the northern part of the island. Since then many enduring friendships have begun at the Nassos Guest House.

The house is not only perfect for individuals or couples but, can also cater for larger families or groups. We can take exclusively bookings for up to eighteen people. The Guest House offers eight rooms in total, two of which are spacious enough to accommodate three people comfortably. Nassos Guesthouse is open all year around.

Tel +30 6942046279 Fax +302253071641 - Send an e-mail to Nassos Guesthouse

International Yoga Course Molivos
Lesbos yoga

Yoga course in Molivos yoga hall, close to Nassosguesthouse

Every year you can join into the INTERNATIONAL YOGA COURSE IN MOLIVOS. In cooperation with Nassosguesthouse and several yoga teachers you can have your first or advance lessons and enjoy your holiday at the same time. Usually a week program includes 17,5 hours of yoga. Monday to Saturday with Thursday as a day off. The yoga hall is fully equipped, but it is always nice to bring your own private yoga mat if you have one.

morning classes from 9.00 - 11.00

afternoon classes from 17.30 - 19.00

Sign in: mobile: 0030 6942046279 / office: 0030 2253071432 mobile: 0045 20100806 / office: 0045 58262018

Type of yoga called Tri Yoga, which contains all aspects of yoga: yoga-flows, yoga-asana, breathing practises and short meditations. Its fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. The practise itself becomes meditative through the gentle focusing of the breath/movement. It is a unique method that builds up strength from the inside and conveys the stillness of mind - (extensive information on

Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna
Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna
The town of Molyvos or Mithymna on the island of Lesbos in Greece

Mithymna, or Molyvos as it is also called, in the north of the island of Lesbos is a very special and beautiful town and the first view of it is overwhelming. The town has about 1500 inhabitants and is situated 53 kilometers north of the capital Mitilini. Molyvos is situated on a small mountain topped by a dramatic medieval castle from the Byzantine period. Under the rule of Genua it was later extended and renovated. The original castle which this one replaced, was conquered by none other then Achilles during the Trojan war.

There are still ancient ruins scattered around the town including impressive walls and a few giant holes where archaeologists have begun their slow work. The town of Molyvos itself is built against a steep hill and consists of stone houses with red tiled roofs, and shops which surround the castle and follow the coast to one of the most beautiful harbors in Greece. Molyvos attracts more tourists than anywhere else on the island, but it's still relatively quiet compared to certain other destinations in the Cyclades, Crete or Rhodes. The busy and cozy port of Molyvos is its most appealing feature, with sailboats and fishingboats in all shapes, sizes and colours.

The main street of Molyvos that goes up the hill to the castle is made of cobbled stones and shaded with vines. It will lead you to the museums, shops, supermarkets, restaurants and some galleries before you reach the castle of Molyvos.

In the heart of Molyvos you can find a nice pebble beach, that received an EU Blue Flag, and there are several other great beaches nearby, like Eftalou Beach (3km), Psiriara Beach, a long sandbeach next to the Molyvos main beach (with an option for naturists at the end of the beach), and Petra Beach (5km). At the end of the (actually quite large) beach of Molyvos there is also a part which is used by the naturists.

Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna Lesbos Molyvos or Mithimna
The history of Molyvos - The castle of Molyvos - The Archeological Museum

In Archaic times (750 - 480 BC) Molyvos already was an important militairy and trade center with colonies on the coast of Minor Asia. During the Peleponnesian Wars Molyvos was the only town that chose the side of Athens and it was also the only town on the island of Lesbos that was spared by the Athenians when they took their revenge. During Byzantine times (312 - 1355) the town was under constant threat of pirates. The castle of Molyvos was sufficient protection for the inhabitants, so they did not have to move more inland like many of the people that lived in other cities. The Genuese family of Gattelusi ruled over the town from 1355 to 1462 and the added to the castle and made it larger and stronger. The castle is open for visitors between 8.30 and 15.00 and the admittance is not free. There are many walls and passages, giving the castle the feeling of a labyrinth. From the castle there are overwhelming views over the Bay of Petra, the north east coast all the way to Skala Sikamineas and to Turkey. The small Archeological Museum which is situated in the Town Hall, with the same opening hours as the castle has a collection of pots and urns (2000 years old, found in the harbour), statues, coins, oil lamps and pictures. The "star" of the museum is a 2500 year old statue of Aphrodite with Eros at her feet.

Mithimna Mithimna Lesbos, Mithimna Drying octopus arms at Mithimna
Lesbos, Mithimna or Molyvos Lesbos, Mithimna or Molyvos Lesbos, Mithimna or Molyvos Lesbos, Mithimna or Molyvos

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