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Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page!
I've written a few original items for Champions, Fantasy Hero, and other Hero System games. The collection is small now, but it will grow with time! I'll also be making occasional corrections and alterations to all of this, based on feedback and other developments. If you have any questions or comments about them, email me through the link at the bottom of this page. I'm especially interested in reports of how an adventure was run, or how a character was used in actual play.

I'd also like to include some appropriate artwork with this material, especially the Adventures -- and certainly the Characters. Unfortunately, I'm such a bad artist that I have a hard time drawing attention. If you'd be willing to provide some (in GIF/JPG format, remember!), let me know. Of course, I can't pay for such work (I'm not getting paid for this, am I?), but do think that it would make a good joint effort/contribution to the Hero continuum. (And thanks to Michael Surbrook, who has provided some very nice artwork for some of the characters.)

I'm also proud to be included as one of The Open Directory Project's Cool Sites! Clicking on the graphic at left will take you directly to the main page for The Open Directory Project, a new search engine/web directory; this page is listed under the category Games/Role-Playing Games/Systems/Hero System (with top billing, right above Surbrook's Stuff). Another recent development has been my creation of some original music, inspired by the San Angelo: City of Heroes setting supplement for Champions. After writing a few supplements for SA:CoH, I felt inspired to create a collection of instrumental songs that San Angelo GMs can play as background music during their games, to "set the mood" for a particular setting or scene in a game. To hear, download, and otherwise interact with this music, just click on the banner below.

Have you ever looked at one of the villain groups or agencies in the Champions books, and wanted to use that organization against your PCs but didn't have any adventure ideas? I've taken several of the groups from the original Champions Universe and written adventures surrounding them. Take a look here; I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, and I'm open to suggestions for further adventures to write -- or at least groups to write for.

I've also written a few bits featuring alternate rules, ideas for Hero gamemastering, features in my own campaign, and other stuff for Champions and other Hero GMs.

Bob's Fuzion Page!
Here are a couple of things (just simple Plug-Ins, really) that I've written for the Fuzion game system. If Fuzion is your cup of tea, try these out and enjoy.

If it's just new characters you want, I have several to offer. Heroes, villains, normals, and "others" grace my own campaign, and I'll be posting as many of them as I can here.

Fantasy Hero Spell Colleges
A while back, I found a disk on which I had worked out a small number of Spell Colleges I'd developed for Second Edition Fantasy Hero. I've now converted them to HTML and posted them here. If I get a positive response to them, I'll see if I can come up with a few more and post them. (I'd also be open to any suggestions for new Colleges!)

See Also...
Here is where I've put stuff that doesn't fall into the other categories, including files that are not HTML. Programs, reference sheets, and data files are among the items you can find in this section. And while that lead-in may make it seem unpromising, most folks should find at least something of interest here.

Please note that I have copyrighted all of this material (except where noted otherwise). This is because I may submit it for print publication at some point, at which time I will probably take it off this website. (Copyrights for the Justifiers are jointly held by the player, who holds the primary rights, and myself, reserving rights only as they pertain to the campaign-specific materials here.) I am giving license for you to print it out and distribute it to your gaming group in any form desired for any personal enjoyment, as long as the content is not changed; in particular, the copyright notice must remain in place, and any additions or alterations by a later author must be clearly labeled as such. The publication of this material in any format which requires payment or other compensation, however, is forbidden.

Also, despite occasional references to real-world people, places, and institutions), most of the characters, institutions, and situations found here are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, institutions, or situations, except where they are specifically stated to exist in the real world or have satirical intent, is entirely unintentional and coincidental.

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