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Building the Corporate Supergroup
I once had the idea that superhero groups should be able to have their points and Disadvantages with which they could buy bases, vehicles, and other equipment. So I devised rules for it. This article details those rules. (These rules may appear, probably in somewhat modified form, in The Ultimate Superteam, a planned publication from Hero Plus. In that event, you may consider this appearance of these rules a sneak preview of that book.)

Diceless Combat System
For those who are tired of rolling and adding up dice, I've devised this new way of conducting combat for the Hero System. It's not 100% diceless, and it does have its other weaknesses (some of which are discussed in the article), but it should reduce die rolling by about 99% (depending on the level of combat detail in your campaign).

Krav Maga
As excellent and exhaustive as The Ultimate Martial Artist is, at least one significant real-world martial art was left out of it. This was the Isreali form of Krav Maga, and I present my own take on it here.

Long-Range Campaign Planning
If you're looking for a way to keep both order and a dynamic character to your campaign, check out these notes for your perusal. As with most "special techniques" for GameMastering, it's not for everyone, but I do think that many will find the article helpful. However, the notes given here should give some helpful thoughts to GMs of nearly any system, Hero or otherwise.

Oregon Hero Sanction
For those of you who are either in my Champions campaign or have been looking at the write-ups of the player-characters (and NPC heroes), as well as any other GM running a game in Oregon or elsewhere, I offer my description of Oregon Hero Sanction and the Oregon Paranormal Activities Board (OPAB). It should be easily adaptable to other locales as well, should the GM like this method.

Weighin In on Weapons [And Other Foci]
Have you ever wondered how far you could really throw that knife? Ever tried to figure out how much Encumbrance all those weapons are putting on your Knight? And how much does all of Merry Andrew's equipment really weigh, anyhow? This article doesn't explore these specific questions, but it does provide a way for you to figure them out for yourself.

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