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Fantasy Hero Spell Colleges
College of Conjuration Magics
One of the more interesting concepts I've seen for magic-users can be found in this Spell College. In particular, if your campaign uses the Conjurer archetype, this spell college can be the ideal spellbook for them.

College of Dimensional Magic
An even more unusual idea is in athose who make up this Spell College. These are the magicians who can warp size, direction, and distance to fit their needs.

College of Electromancers
Joining the lineup of energy-controlling magicians are those of this Spell College, those magicians who control lightning. It's arguably surprising that this didn't appear in the original book or either of the two Companions; when I found this to be so, I was frankly shocked. I hope I've fixed the situation well.

Church of Death
Turning to the priestly classes, this Church is not as macabre as the name might suggest. Far from being the murderers and necromancers that one might imagine, they are priests who minister to the dying and the survivors of the dead. (Just think of Andrew, the Angel of Death from the TV show Touched By an Angel.)

Church of Wisdom
For my Fantasy Hero play-by-email game (which, unfortunately, has passed by the wayside due to my own lack of preparation and organization), one of my players devised a new priestly spell college. It was originally designed to work primarily for priests of the goddess of wisdom whom I had devised specifically for that game. However, with a bit of work, the Church of Wisdom is now sufficiently generic that I think it should be usable in (or at least adaptable to) most Fantasy Hero campaigns.

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