Bob's Original Characters

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All of these characters are totally fictional. Any resemblence between the characters posted here and real persons, whether living or dead, is entirely coincidental unless explicit notice is given to the contrary for a specific instance.

Sample QuoteSome of the characters now have WAV files with their Quotes so you can hear what they sound like (at least, to the best of my own ability, and that of certain others, to do character voices). Wherever you find the "speaker" button like that at left, click on it to hear the quote. (In fact, you can click on this one to hear a "sample quote"!)

The Justifiers
These characters are the PC team in my own (proposed) game. I'm trying to get them defined as a team of "detective heroes," but only actual play will truly define the superheroic "niche" they fit into. So far there are five characters (including my wife's character, the leader; and my own, a "GM PC"), and all are at beginning level, but each has a unique function, and you can still use them either alone or together to enhance your game.

Black Charm & LAWdoggy
This particularly vicious twosome consists of a malicious teenaged sorceress and her heavily-armed (and heavily-muscled -- but not particularly heavily-brained) middle-aged lackey. They are best suited to superpowered Dark Champions campaigns, though they can be adapted to most "post-modern" four-color campaigns easiliy enough.

Colonel Fear
He made his debut in the Snake Wars scenario, and has a sketch write-up there, but after some rumination it occurred to me that this VIPER Nest Leader and trainer of agents, would have uses outside that scenario. Thus, I've given him a write-up with a complete character sheet and a few details not found in his Snake Wars sketch to give him a more generalized appeal.

The Squirrel King [& His Cybersquirrels]
To ride on the lighter side, there's this guy, my favorite original loon villain. I don't think I'll have to spell out this guy's agenda for most of you, since the name is pretty descriptive, but just in case: The Squirrel King has a vision of leading squirreldom to dominance as the world's next dominant species. Does that clear things up?

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