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Bob's Fuzion Page!
These are some items which I have written up for the Fuzion game system. Right now I have only a couple of quick Plug-Ins, both of which have gotten good reviews from people who have gone over them.

At present, both of these Plug-Ins are available only in PDF format. However, I will be working to have these available in HTML format -- and possibly others -- within a reasonable period (especially since some people have reported minor troubles with these PDF files). (Note: If you want to download these (as opposed to just view them online), remember to "Save Link" or whatever your browser calls it. In most cases this starts with right-clicking the navigation bar instead of the usual left-clicking.)

The Fuze Banner Additional material related to Fuzion can be found at The Fuze, the central clearinghouse for fan-generated Fuzion Plug-Ins and other materials.

Matrix Magic Plug-In
Once, long ago, I had a fantasy game using a home-brewed system with all (mostly) original subsystems for character creation, combat, and such. Most of these subsystems weren't very good, or at least aren't as good as stuff now available as part of the Hero or Fuzion systems, but a couple of methods -- the magic system among them -- were very workable. (Note that, while the bar/title above calls it the "Matrix Magic Plug-In," the current version of this document still calls it the "Teran Magic Plug-In," after the world for which the system was developed. It will soon be changed to the former title on the document as well, to make it more workable to whatever world you want to use it in.)

Super Vehicles Plug-In
With The Ultimate Super Vehicle on its way, I thought it would be nice to make a Plug-In available that would give Fuzion players a reason to buy that book. Coupled with the official Superpowers Plug-In, Jason Dour's Heroic Abilities, or just about any other Plug-In that provides weapons and other powers in some way similar to the Hero System, this relatively simple (four-page) Plug-In should make a large part of TUSV relevant to Fuzion players.

This material is © 1996-2000 by Bob Greenwade. E-mail me if you have any comments or questions. Fuzion is a Trademark of the Fuzion Group (Hero Games and (R. Talsorian Games). Please run out and buy a copy of Champions: The New Millenium or other "Fuzion-Powered" games today.