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Bob's Hero Links Page
For even more original stuff created by other people, check out this page, where I've put links to any places that I consider particularly useful (or, at least, potentially useful) to Champions and other Hero System GMs. Other links pages either list everything even remotely related, or only those that the owner consider interesting to themselves; I hope I've struck a useful middle ground here. (And if you have a page that you think should be included, please don't be offended; just notify me, and I'll check it out!)

Hero Plus Submissions Guidelines
If you find it difficult to keep track of the order of combat, this simple yet clever freeware utility (for Windows environments) should be a great help. In addition to tracking Segments and Phases, it can save an entire group's DEX and SPD information at once, meaning that a combat sheet can be prepared in less than a minute even if the combat took even the GM by surprise. (Note: the Hero Dice utility below is a companion to this program.)

HTML Character Sheet Templates
Those who have been following the campaigns of Shelley Chrystal Mactyre (which can be found via my Hero Links Page, below) have probably noticed that she uses a unique form for character sheets, originally designed by Doug MacDougall and variously modified by Jennifer Whitehair, Shelley, and myself. Like many others, I like this form, and will soon be using them for the characters on this website. As an aid for others who like this format (or just want to send characters pre-formatted in HTML to Shelley or someone else who uses the format), I'm providing this page as a service. It can be filled in either manually (that is, with an ASCII editor) or with an HTML editor.

Hero Dice
This is a handy little Freeware utility (for Windows environments) that will roll dice for you the way dice are rolled in the Hero System. Really, "handy" only begins to describe it; with a single click, you can have a Magic Skill Roll, the to-hit roll for your 3d6+1 Killing Attack, its damage (both the individual dice and the total), the Hit Location (including right or left, where appropriate), and the STUN, BODY, and Knockback done (before defenses, of course). It's a companion utility to Combat Sequencer (above); if you call them both up at the same time, they appear next to each other.

Hero Plus Submissions Guidelines
If you'd like to try to become a Hero Plus author (as I hope to be soon), you can download this document. This is recently updated with the same file from the official Hero Games website -- at least, it's the most recent version I know of. Note that it requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a compatible program such as Acrobat itself, or Pagemaker) to be read.

HeroMaker Files for the Justifiers Campaign
Those of you who play in my Champions campaign, are simply interested in or downloading the HeroMaker .CHA files (which I'll be posting at some future date), or even are thinking of sending me something as a contribution, can download the HEROMAKR.TXT and CAMPAIGN.TXT files, either separately with those two links or together in a ZIP file. (Note that these files may disappear without warning if I can ever get my hands on Hero Software's new Creation Workshop program with Hero Creator!)

Another well-done and highly useful die-rolling program for Hero Gaming is Roller 2.0. Is it better than Hero Dice (above)? The two are close enough in quality and utility that I'm not going to make the call. Each has features that the other could arguably benefit from.

Writing Help!
Now that I'm actually doing some writing for Hero Plus projects, let me be the first to admit that I need help. On this page, I list those projects that are foremost in my queue of projects, along with some "special needs" that I have for them so that I can make the projects the quality work I want them to be. This can include language translations, information on locales, contact with former Hero authors, and more, so if you think you might have something that could be helpful please check this page.

This material is © 1996-2000 by Bob Greenwade (though most individual software items have their own copyrights and are presented here either with permission or under a freeware license). E-mail me if you have any comments or questions. Hero Games, Hero System, and Champions are Trademarks of Hero Games. All characters, institutions, and groups mentioned on this page and those which branch from it, unless described as original in the text (and therefore covered by my own copyright), are copyrighted by Hero Games. While these names are used here without permission, their use on this website is in no way intended as a challenge to those Trademarks and copyrights. Please run out and buy a copy of Champions or Champions: The New Millenium today.